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Magic, Power, Language, Symbol
A Magician's Exploration of Linguistics

By: Patrick Dunn
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738713601
English  |  288 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: August 2008
Price: $17.95 US,  $20.95 CAN
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Okay, Magic Works. Just Answer One Question: Why Does It Work?

Why does magic work? This has been a question that has puzzled the minds of philosophers and mystics, religionists and skeptics, Witches and mages for thousands of years. In each generation, for each culture, an answer has been given: The gods do it. Spirits do it. Your inner energy does it. It's in the mind. Synchronicity. Coincidence. Most recently, the answer has been that quantum physics explains it all. They all do give an explanation that works, but they're only representations of a simple truth: magic does work.

Any one of these theories, to be complete, not only needs to explain how it works, but predict when it will work in the future. Regrettably, none of them do. From "the gods work in mysterious ways" to the uncertainty principle of quantum physics, there's always an excuse for failure. Perhaps that's merely because those explanations are incomplete. Even quantum physics is very twentieth century. What's needed is something new that goes beyond all the other theories. What's needed is something that explains magic to the twenty-first century mind. You'll find this in Magic, Power, Language, Symbol by Patrick Dunn.

The Hows and Whys of Magic
There are two important keys to understanding how and why magic works. The first is the nature of language itself, and how language allows us to communicate while at the same time limiting our thinking. The second key is the way symbols work, going beyond simple communication and dipping deeply into our subconscious minds. The result is a completely new way of understanding magic. Magic, Power, Language, Symbol:

• Brings magic into the twenty-first century
• Adds to his previous book, Postmodern Magic
• Reveals how language and symbols work in all aspects of our lives
• Allows you to create your own magical techniques, rituals, and spells
• Explains why Gematria, Hebrew numerology, works
• Describes how to use "speaking in tongues" for powerful magic
• Is a powerful addition to any style of magic
• Shows how to create and use original mantras to achieve magical goals
• Shows why Enochian isn't a language and why it is valid and powerful
• Includes a dictionary of English Qabala

This book doesn't tell you what to do, it shows you how to create your own magical rituals and spells! With the information in this book you'll be able to improve any magic you do or create powerful magic of any kind.

Learn From the Past and Empower Your Future
Unlike other books that try to create a completely new form of magic (and let's face it-they usually fail), Magic, Power, Language, Symbol presents an entirely new way of understanding how magic works. It incorporates virtually all previous forms of magic, including shamanism, talismans, Qabala, Enochian, Wiccan, mantras, ceremonial magic, and more into a coherent whole that you can use. For decades, scientists have sought one theory that incorporates and explains all scientific practices and ideas. Now there is a clear, easy to use theory of magic that will allow you to more deeply understand how what you do works. You'll be able to improve your magic and make it stronger.

There are some books that are simply additions to what you do. Others are good for a spell or two and are quickly forgotten. Magic, Power, Language, Symbol is so unique and its understandings of magic so clear that it is destined to become a classic for decades to come.

Don't be left out when all of your friends are talking about this remarkable book! This is the one book that will give you such a deep understanding of how magic works that you'll be able to create magical rituals at a moment's notice, rituals that are powerful and practical. Magic, Power, Language, Symbol has concepts you can turn to magic and is filled with cultural references and occasional sly humor that will keep you fascinated and involved. You will find yourself reading it again and again.

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