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One Witch's Way
A Magical Year of Stories, Spells & Such

By: Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738713694
English  |  264 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: June 2008
Price: $15.95 US,  $18.50 CAN
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A Year in the Life of a Witch

There are plenty of books that describe Witchcraft rituals and rites, traditions and history. One Witch's Way is really different. It is Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson's description—and ode—to the life of a Witch. It's her life, and it describes, month by month, what a Witch's life is like.

Each month is described and illustrated with poetry and rituals, stories and spells. In these pages you'll find deep wisdom and spiritual lessons tempered by tales and an attitude that will make you laugh out loud. Yes, One Witch's Way is filled with warmth and humor, something that is (or should be!) a part of every Witch's life, but which is sometimes sorely lacking. It's the fun and positive attitude that helps you absorb the messages found in the lyrical verses and original parables. Humor and wisdom—what could be better?

Twelve Months of Personal Unfolding
One Witch's Way doesn't focus on the Sabbats or Wheel of the Year. Instead, it centers on the months themselves, and gives advice while sharing stories for each one.

January is about journeys. It includes a morning invocation, a house finding ritual, a house blessing ritual, a story of the author's three years of wandering, vehicle protection spells, and even an anecdote about the author's love for a Gremlin automobile and how it was named.

February is all about fire, from the rosy glow of love or the forge of transformation and initiation into a higher state of being. This chapter includes a Sea Mother spell to bring you love, a rite of dedication, the author's first experience with a coven and her concerns about being skyclad ("I'm going to be naked with a whole roomful of strangers!"), and how she came to meet her husband.

Each one of the chapters is filled with personal stories, poems, and rituals. Other things you'll find in this book include:

• Calming the storm
• Boy's rite of passage into manhood
• Girl's rite of passage into maidenhood
• Children's circle casting
• Bedtime blessing
• Love song for Pan
• Lakshmi water abundance ritual
• Handfasting ritual
• Handparting ritual
• A rite of reconciliation
• Wedding benediction

And that's just part of what you'll learn about during the first six months in One Witch's Way.

Is This the Most Personal Book on Witchcraft Ever?
When you read a book you get to know something about the author by their use of words, stories, and imagery. Sometimes the impression is accurate, while at other times it's wildly off (often because the author wants to stay a mystery). Here, just the opposite is true. Bronwynn is part of this book. Through the personal tales that are part of this book she invites you to get to know her. You will relate to her searching, moments of insight, and proof that the gods have a sense of humor.

One Witch's Way doesn't claim to be the only answer to the problems you face. It doesn't claim to provide the one and only ritual that can ever be done to help you deal with a particular issue. Rather, it inspires you to realize that you already possess the magic within you. It can guide you to create your own workings and magic, filled with power and beauty.

This book is about how you can experience the spirituality and magic found throughout the year. Although it is specifically Bronwynn's way, she also believes that all Witches are "one Witch:" we all experience and honor the joys and sorrows, transitions and transformations in our lives, but each in our own singular way.

Bronwynn's personal stories provide an underlying thread for the book. They are funny, enthralling, and moving. They will invigorate you with fresh rituals, songs, spells, and poetry. She will become a friend, a sister in the Craft, and someone about whom you will deeply care. The result will enhance your practices as a Witch and every aspect of your life.

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