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The Mind-Body Fertility Connection
The True Pathway to Conception

By: James Schwartz
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738713762
English  |  264 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: July 2008
Price: $16.95 US,  $19.50 CAN
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The Ultimate Guide to Fertility

In the world today there is a secret plague that is ruining tens of thousands of lives: infertility. So many people seek to bring loved children into the world and are having little or no success. It's absolutely ruining relationships and otherwise happy families.

Sometimes, infertility has a biological cause. But in a huge number of cases, there is no physical reason for a lack of conception. Some people choose to adopt, which can take years to accomplish, cost thousands of dollars, and compromise the privacy of your family. Other people opt for in-vitro fertilization that can cost from $10,000 to $20,000 per attempt, and which may take several attempts before success occurs-if it does occur.

But for those suffering due to infertility, there is another option. This option is quick, inexpensive, and works for numerous people, returning happiness and increasing the love in their lives. It is based on the understanding that that is a connection between the mind and body. In The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, you'll discover why you're having trouble getting pregnant and a practical action plan you can follow to resolve the problem forever.

Comprehensive and Scientifically Grounded
Written by James Schwartz, who has specialized in treating fertility problems, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection is based on some of the most recent scientific research available. You will find literally dozens of popular and scientific works cited. However, this is not simply a scientific text. It also includes many stories of women who have suffered from non-biological infertility and how using a holistic approach resulted in successful pregnancy.

• Intrauterine insemination has a 2%-8% success rate
• In-vitro fertilization has a 28% success rate
• Mind-Body Program has a 42%-65% success rate

So why does this method work so well when the others fail? The Mind-Body Fertility Connection explains how the mind controls the body, and how, for some reason (perhaps stress) the unconscious mind can actually block conception. If that block is still there, various ways of becoming pregnant are almost doomed to failure. But there is fantastic news! Using this program, you can overcome those blocks and often become pregnant through natural, non-medically assisted means. If this sounds like a miracle, then it is a miracle that can change your life and which is fully backed by an increasing body of scientific study.

How It Works
The Mind-Body Fertility Connection tells you everything you need to know and teaches you what to do to overcome non-biological infertility. You'll learn how the conscious and unconscious minds work. You'll uncover the seventeen most common mental blocks to conception. You'll then learn how to discover which blocks are preventing you from conceiving.

Once you've learned the cause of the problem, the book presents specific means you can use to overcome it. This includes meditation, energy work, and visualization techniques that can literally "reprogram" your body on a cellular level to function the way you want it to! Included are precise techniques you can follow so you leave nothing to chance.

The Power of Complementary Medicine
The techniques presented here are not meant to replace any sort of professional medical care you are receiving. Rather, they complement it, giving a complete and holistic approach to achieving conception. A specific timeline is given so you can do the work both with your physician and at home to achieve the best results. Complementary healing modalities and their benefits, including hypnotherapy and acupuncture, are described.

The Mind-Body Fertility Connection is not magic—it is science. The results won't happen tomorrow, but they will happen. And those results will seem miraculous. Before deciding on any expensive fertility treatment, you must read this book. Its methods and information are at the vanguard of fertility research and provide insights into the true causes of infertility while sharing the necessary tools to build a new pathway to conception and a more fulfilled life.

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