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Animal Omens
Animal Omens

By: Victoria Hunt
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738713779
English  |  192 pages | 5 x 7 IN
Pub Date: July 2008
Price: $15.95 US,  $18.50 CAN
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Secret Signs from the Animal Kingdom

It has probably happened to you. You go on a hike or take a drive in the car and you see a hawk spiraling majestically through the air.

It might have been a duck or a crow, or perhaps an owl or a butterfly. But it wasn't. Of all the creatures in the animal kingdom it was a hawk. Why not any of the others? Perhaps it's some sort of "omen," an event that has a prophetic significance.

So, does the mere appearance of an animal have a meaning that goes beyond mere chance? Indeed it may portend something that could literally change your life. It might predict something that is going to happen or something you need to be aware of so you can take advantage of changes in the world around you. It can prepare you for opportunities or warn you of challenges and even dangers. But the question is, "What does it mean?" That's why you need Victoria Hunt's new treasure, Animal Omens. In this compact but information-filled book you'll discover the meanings for the appearances of almost thirty different animals that you might encounter at any time:

• Hawk—New knowledge and insight
• Duck—Avoid self-created obstacles
• Crow—Look beyond what you would normally see
• Owl—Help others find answers
• Butterfly—A sign of change

This delightful and personal pocket guide is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse and ideal to take with you on your next walk, hike, or road trip. But animals don't only appear in the open, they also appear seemingly out of nowhere, filling your thoughts as they demand attention. Even if creatures such a starfish, beaver, or deer don't live in your area, they exist in your mind. Animal Omens will help you interpret what it means when they come into your thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

Yes, animals appear in your dreams, too. This book includes information on egrets and horses, snakes and newts, and even the mythical dragon. Here you read about a dragon's flight from a first-person (or perhaps that should be first-dragon) perspective, discover four different types of dragons, and learn what they mean when they appear in your dreams, symbolically in nature, or maybe even on TV.

Animal Omens is a must for people interested in omens of all sorts. And if you like Ted Andrews' Animal Speak, this is a perfect complement and addition. There's no complex system listing the animals here. They're presented in alphabetical order, with information on each along with their meanings as omens when they appear in your life. In fact, to make it even easier, there's a simple listing of powers and attributes for each animal in the back of the book. Wonder which of the four elements that animal belongs to? An easy chart reveals it all, so you'll know that the deer and snake (among others) are associated with Air, the fox and horse with Earth, the cat and rabbit with Fire, and the woodpecker and starfish with Water. That makes this book an excellent resource for magicians and Pagans, too!

Each entry in this delightful guide features a story to help you better understand the realities of each animal. The stories show how you can blend your physical and spiritual awareness and regain your birthright to this information. Then, from ant to woodpecker, the book describes the omens presented by the animals when they make an appearance. Animal Omens proves that a book doesn't have to be a heavy, complex volume to reveal secrets that can improve your life. That's why you need to add the information in this book to your core of wisdom.

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