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Sacred Path of Reiki
Sacred Path of Reiki
Healing as a Spiritual Discipline

By: Katalin Koda
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738714455
English  |  288 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: December 2008
Price: $21.99 US,  $25.50 CAN
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The Next Step in the Evolution of Reiki

Chances are you've heard about Reiki. It's primarily known as a new interpretation and understanding of ancient healing systems. It involves three initiations or "attunements" into the use of the Reiki energy, which involve the introduction of certain symbols from a Reiki master that have an effect upon the student's consciousness and physiology.

But if this system is relatively new (it was founded less than one hundred years ago), it implies that methods for working with healing energies evolve, change, and improve. This leads to two questions: where is Reiki going and how can you become
involved? The answers can be found in Katalin Koda's Sacred Path of Reiki.

Koda has been studying, practicing, and teaching Reiki for over a decade. But she didn't stop there. She has also spent time in India where she studied the chakras, volunteered at Reiki clinics, learned modern neopaganism, studied Buddhism, practiced kundalini yoga, and much more. She has combined all of her trainings, initiations, and personal experience into a practical, unified system for personal development and selfempowerment leading to helping others. Koda teaches you
how to synthesize the various components of Reiki into a true healing art and spiritual path.

Living as a Warrior

As any true warrior will tell you, the greatest battles are always against your inner demons and blockages; defeat those and any external battles are easy. Koda has learned this from her own battle fighting Hodgkin's Disease. She used both traditional and non-traditional healing methods, and emerged healed, curious, and revitalized by her survival. This experience helped her to develop a warrior mentality, and she passes it on to you in Sacred Path of Reiki.

Sacred Path of Reiki:

• Takes Reiki to the next level
• Features empowering meditations
• Discloses the history and the complete theory of Reiki
• Includes the use of chakras with Reiki
• Brings Reiki to lovers of Earth-centered traditions
• Increases your perceptive abilities and awareness
• Teaches the Reiki practice of laying-on hands with numerous photos and illustrations
• Shows how to perform auric healings on yourself and others

The Practical Guide to Reiki as a Spiritual Path

Throughout the book, theory and techniques are provided with the help of exclusive diagrams and clear descriptions to aid you in chakra balancing, harmonizing the aura, and clearing negative thought forms. The teachings include concepts such
as responsibility, discernment, sacred space, and discipline, which are crucial to transforming negative emotional patterns, understanding desire and ego, and growing as a healer. These amazing teachings can be applied to all aspects of your life.

Some people use Reiki effectively as a healing technique, but it can be much more. It can lead to self-healing and self-empowerment. Then, you can give one of the greatest gifts possible: you can give Reiki to others. In doing so, you can help people heal and find their own empowerment. This book provides everything you need to know, from theory and basic techniques and practices all the way through advanced methods.

Included here is complete information on how to actually set up a Reiki clinic, including everything from basic ideas and intake forms to what the experience should be like for someone coming into the clinic. Combined with the traditional
techniques and the unique methods that Koda's training and experience have created makes Sacred Path of Reiki a must-have for Reiki practitioners and anyone interested in learning how to help others heal.

Being able to heal others is one of the highest callings anyone can have. It takes dedication, discipline, training, and desire, along with a clear path. If you have ever watched helplessly as a friend or loved one—even a beloved animal friend—ailed
and suffered, you know how much it also hurts you. You can change this! You can help others. You can learn the philosophy, theory, and technology that will make others look at you in awe and whisper about your healing abilities. You can follow
the Sacred Path of Reiki.

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