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White Spells on the Go
White Spells on the Go

By: Ileana Abrev
Series: White Spells Series #4
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738714493
English  |  144 pages | 5 x 6 IN
Pub Date: February 2009
Price: $8.95 US,  $10.50 CAN
$7.16 US,  $8.40 CAN On Sale!
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Find Time for Magic—Even a Few Minutes Will Do!

Let's face it—we could all use another couple hours in the day. Whether you're scrambling to work, school, rehearsals, sports, chores, shopping or social activities, sometimes there just isn't enough time for things that matter. Like magic, for instance! Who has time to consult a huge spell book and cast a circle in between soccer practice and picking up the dry cleaning? White Spells on the Go is a book of magical quick fixes created exactly for those times. Stick this mini book in your purse, backpack or briefcase for some concise, powerful and simple spells, and you'll be ready to perform magic on the go.

Deceptive in its Power

Abrev is a well-known Witch in Australia, but she is originally from Cuba. Her knowledge is passed down from her father, an esteemed Santero. She combines her thorough understanding of Wicca with the practicality, power, and simplicity of her father's teachings. The result is a book filled with mini-spells that are stress-free to perform and can be done with household items found in your own kitchen or pantry.

The techniques in this book are simple. But don't mistake simplicity for impotence. Often, the most simple and direct path is far more effective and powerful than anything convoluted or complex.

Here are examples of spells you will learn:

• Add one teaspoon of a common herb and a tablespoon of rock salt to the water when you mop to protect your home from negative forces.
• Crush a bit of a common herb in a mortar and pestle and sprinkle it in your children's shoes to give them protection.
• Want to attract people? Just carry three beans—available at your local grocery store!
• Wrap your arms around a common tree and feel the pain of a broken heart fade away.
• Learn about two common herbs you can blend together and sprinkle on your bed to fill your night with love and passion.
• Sew herbs into a cotton pouch and carry it with you. It will help you meet all of your money needs.
• Add a common herb to your spare change jar and watch your money multiply!

Whether you want protection, love, money, help in court, healing, friendship or more, this little book gives you what you want and need.

For Beginners Through Advanced Practitioners

Although White Spells on the Go is small in size, it packs a big punch! For people with some experience, you'll want to go right to the spells themselves. They're neatly organized and the book's index will help you find exactly what you need. For people who are just beginning, there is an entire section on the basics, including the "stash" of tools you'll need for magic, ranging from colored ribbons and candleholders to small drawstring bags and herbs. You'll learn the power of the different days of the week and discover mini-spells that use color, crystals, herbs,
incense, oils, candles, and much more.

Be the first to get this powerful, fun, and easy little book and fill your life with its practical information and useful skills. Bring the magic of spells into your life!

I combined Santeria's remedies with my Wiccan beliefs and have created spells to "go." Spells to go are mini-spells that use earthbound energies to cause an effect without lengthy rituals. Earthbound energies can be anything from a crystal, an herb, the fire of a candle, the water from a stream, the earth on the ground, or the air that brushes through the meadows and fields. I was compelled to share my most intimate spells to "go" that I have used with positive results over the years.

—Ileana Abrev, White Spells on the Go

I have always been fascinated with the concept of magic. Fairy tales and science fiction have always filled my bookshelves, and I have favored stories that emphasize characters that have ordinary lives, but have extra-ordinary abilities. As a child, I would read and re-read these tales, convinced that there was something more, something hidden... read this article
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