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Vampire Nation

By: Arlene Russo
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738714561
English  |  240 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: September 2008
Price: $15.95 US,  $18.50 CAN
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Robin Hood Was a Vampire!

Do vampires—real, blood-sucking creatures—exist among us? There is more and more evidence to support the idea that they are really here, although they are not the monsters shown in the movies.

Arlene Russo is considered by many to be England's foremost expert on real vampires. She is the founder and editor of Bite Me, the UK's most popular and respected magazine on the subject. She has personally interviewed dozens of real vampires. Their secrets, like their mythical fear of light, have remained hidden in the shadows—until now.

For over a century, Llewellyn has been proud to present real and accurate information to the readers of our books, dispelling ignorance and myths while expanding knowledge and understanding. In that light, Llewellyn presents Vampire Nation. This book has taken the UK by storm, and now it is easily available for the first time in the US.

Vampire Nation invites you to visit the unknown world of real vampires throughout history, and includes dozens of real-life stories and experiences from actual self-professed vampires. It will give you a factual look at their beliefs, rites, and way of life. Vampire Nation includes:

• Information on what a vampire really is
• Evidence to support the idea that Robin Hood was a vampire
• Proof that Prince Charles is directly descended from Vlad the Impaler
• The truth about vampires who kill
• Details on how AIDS has altered the behavior of vampires
• Information on psychic vampires
• Details of vampire lifestyles
• A look at vampires online
• The specifics of secret vampire organizations
• An inside look a vampire coven

The book even includes information about vampires that come to us from other worlds. Even though this is as fascinating and, at times, as frightening as any novel, the information in Vampire Nation is completely real.

What It's Like Being a Human Living Vampire (HLV)
According to Russo, "Vampire Nation is concerned with the influence of the vampire on real people and real lives. It is about people who live vampiric lives, people who believe they are vampires, people who want to be vampires, people who know they are vampires and people who hate vampires."

She reveals that many people who are vampires have adopted a specific lifestyle. They "decorate their homes in a dark Victorian or funeral parlor style. Rooms are draped in black velvet and popular ornaments include gargoyles and black candles. Often lifestylers are comforted by having coffins in their houses, and use them as items of furniture, perhaps as a coffee table or book case."

You may wonder how one becomes a vampire. Russo shares that "many vampires discover their blood lust for the first time in childhood, by accident. They cut themselves and find they are drawn to drink their blood. Often, though, they forget about the blood until years later when they are ‘awakened.'"

The Ultimate Question: Are You a Vampire?
Vampire Nation does not preach about how good or evil it is to be a vampire. It presents all sides, including vampire lovers, vampire haters, people outside the vampire world, and the views of the vampires themselves. Dozens of actual vampires offer their true and sometimes chilling stories in this non-fiction, modern set of interviews with vampires.

Have you ever tasted your own blood, or perhaps the blood of another? Have you found yourself drawn to its warmth and its texture and its taste? Perhaps there is more than a bit of a vampire within you. If so, you must find out the truth of the life of the vampire. Find out what to expect. Get an insider's look at how vampires awaken to their nature, how they find and feed on human blood and psychic energy, where they live, and much more.

Vampires are real and among us now. Discover their truth and the truth about them in Vampire Nation.

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