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Tarot for Writers

By: Corrine Kenner
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738714578
English  |  384 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: February 2009
Price: $19.95 US,  $22.95 CAN
$13.97 US,  $16.07 CAN On Sale!
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Turn Yourself Into An Amazing Writing Machine!

Everybody Writes

Maybe it's just an email to a friend. Perhaps it's a report for school or work Or it might even be a poem, short story, or full-length novel. But no matter what you write, there are two words every writer hates to utter: I'm stuck.

Writer's block has probably happened to you. Nothing you put down sounds right to your ear, and no matter what you do you can't get back on track.

Some writers stay blocked for years and others only write one book and are never able to repeat their success. Still others never get started.

But there is a powerful tool that can turn you into an infinitely creative, non-stop writing machine. It can give you ideas for stories and new plot turns. It can give you new and unexpected ways to represent concepts in simple and common reports.
This amazing tool that can give you creative breakthroughs for the next one hundred years has no monitor or keyboard and requires no electricity. It's smaller than many paperback books. It's a simple deck of Tarot cards.

Tarot cards?

Yes, Tarot cards!

In Tarot for Writers, Corrine Kenner provides the best of two worlds. She gives valuable information and tips on the process of writing and becoming a great writer. She also shows the many ways you can use the Tarot to crank up your writing

Don't be surprised. Famous authors have used the Tarot and its fabulous imagery as inspiration for some of literature's greatest works. William Butler Yeats based some of his poetry on the Tarot. T. S. Elliot refers to the Wheel of Fortune and the
Hanged Man in his classic, The Waste Land. Charles Williams' famous novel The Greater Trumps is based on the Tarot. It's been used by John Steinbeck and Steven King. A great many other famous authors have been and continue to be inspired
by the Tarot cards.

Tarot for Writers isn't a bunch of positive thinking and mysticism. It contains practical, down-to-earth information, techniques, and exercises anyone can use to spark their creativity and improve their writing. It begins with the basics of the
Tarot, including how to read the cards and use famous spreads for doing the readings. It then delves directly into the secrets of the writer's Tarot, including how to use the Tarot for:

• Discovering the four natural evolutionary conditions of the soul
• Creating living, breathing, realistic characters
• Coming up with new and inventive storylines and plots
• Mapping the journey of the characters in the story
• Developing settings and descriptions

You'll also learn how to combine astrological associations and the Tarot to build even more complex and realistic characters.

Every Card Explained

Tarot for Writers describes every card in the Tarot deck and shows you exactly how each one can help you come up with new scenes, new characterizations, new metaphors. It shows you how to use the symbols on each card to trigger your own
creativity. A glossary of Tarot symbols and terms gives you a concise summary of this information. For each card you learn the symbols, keywords, myths and legends, astrological associations, literary archetypes, and how they relate to your writing practice. You'll also get a list of writing prompts and ideas based
on the card. For example, if you were to draw The Sun, you'd be advised to write about a birthday, a banner, a field of sunflowers, a walled garden, a white horse, a red flag, a golden child, heat, sunburn, or something hidden in plain sight.

Whether you're writing for school, work, publication, or just for fun, Tarot for Writers will improve every aspect of your writing. Using the Tarot and the exercises and techniques in this book will turn you into the writing machine you've always wanted to be.

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Fool goes on a journey. This is similar to the Hero's Journey in mythology, and some view the ups and downs of the Major Arcana as the pathway the Fool takes to wisdom. Most people take the "Fool's Journey" several times during their life. If we hold the journey up as a template against our own life, it can... read this article
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