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Saturn Cycles
Saturn Cycles
Mapping Changes In Your Life

By: Wendell C. Perry
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738714936
English  |  336 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: January 2009
Price: $27.95 US,  $32.50 CAN
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Discover Your Future By Learning the Secrets of Celebrities' Pasts

Everybody wants to know his or her future. The truth is, even people who claim they don't want to know their future really do want that knowledge. Think of what you could do if you had accurate information on what was going to happen in the months and years to come! You could avoid wasting time in unfulfilling tasks and paths. You could discover where your talents and skills should be stressed and amplified. You
would be more likely to achieve everything you want while escaping the pitfalls and traps that befall others. If only there were a reliable way to see into what is going to happen to you...

In fact, there is a clear way to learn exactly when major turning points in your life are going to take place. With this knowledge you will be able to jump-start your potential and dodge serious difficulties. Learn the skill to make accurate
predictions about the coming changes in your life and the lives of others when you read Saturn Cycles by Wendell Perry.

Of all the predictive tools that are available to astrologers, few are as universally accepted and reliable as the cycles of Saturn. Saturn Cycles puts the power of this amazing tool into your hands. It allows you to make sense out of the ups and downs of your life and gives you the ability to look ahead and see when your next big move is due. Saturn Cycles will show you how to take charge of your future and your fate by using the powerful cycles of the massive ringed planet to make the
right decisions in your life at exactly the right time.

Learn the Way You've Always Learned—By Example

When you learned to speak you didn't get a cookbook of word meanings and lists of verbs and conjugations; instead, you learned by paying attention to the examples of others. That's exactly the way you'll learn in Saturn Cycles. The book takes a look at two dozen famous personalities and divides them into two groups: the saints who took advantage of the power of Saturn, and the sinners who fell by not understanding what Saturn was doing.

For each person, you will see the choice's they faced and their potential to drastically alter their life's course. By mapping their natal chart and noting the influences that guided them, you can determine just how Saturn played a role in the successes or downfalls that followed.

See Saturn's influence in how:

• The Dalai Lama dealt with the loss of his country
• Janis Joplin failed to deal with low self-esteem and fame
• Carl Jung risked his family's reputation to reveal the nature of the psyche
• Michael J. Fox left his career to become a beacon of hope

Perfect for Astrologers of All Levels

Whether you're a beginning astrologer, have some experience, or are a professional of many years, Saturn Cycles has something for you. It includes full and specific information of how Saturn influences your life as it makes aspects to specific points in your natal chart, such as the Midheaven, Ascendant, Imum Coeli, and Descendant. It includes thirty years of ephemeris data for Saturn, making interpretation of Saturn and your natal chart over time quick and easy.

Special Alert for Gen-Xers!

Are you a member of "Generation X," born as early as 1958 or as recently as 1981? There are over fifty million of you, and right now you are approaching or experiencing a Saturn return; some of the earliest Gen-Xers have just passed through it and are dealing with its aftermath. The most effective way to conquer the challenges of the past, abandon worn-out patterns, and confront the future with strength is to understand the cycles of Saturn. Prepare for your future today by picking up a copy of Saturn Cycles.

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