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Taking Paganism Beyond the Circle

By: Gede Parma
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738715070
English  |  336 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: March 2009
Price: $18.95 US,  $21.95 CAN
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Also Available: Media - E-Book

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The Pagan Youth Are Here!

For years, there has been a growing interest in books for Pagan youth. While many of them have been good, the one uniting factor in all of them is that they have been written by dedicated people whose memories of being fifteen or twenty are rapidly
fading. They're from a previous generation, and although many of the issues they used to face are still valid, Pagan youths today have their own unique concerns. If you're looking for a book that can help you deal with modern life, you need Spirited by Gede Parma.

For Us—By Us

At nineteen years old, Parma is already known for his Internet writings on the Craft. He's been practicing Witchcraft and leading public rituals for almost a decade. As a result of his training and experience, Spirited is not another "everything included for
beginners" title that has no depth. Parma explores serious issues thoughtfully, yet with a light touch and a sense of humor.

Spirited is composed of two sections. Part One, "The Fountain of Youth," deals with school, family, and social life from the perspecitve of Pagan youth. It offers insights into living a truly Pagan life no matter how crazy things may appear around you. Part Two, "Beyond the Circle," examines such concepts as ethics, spellcraft, ritual, divinity, community, covencraft, solitary work, and your place in the future.

Finally, Some Respect!

Too often, young Pagans are treated like they know nothing, and if you are included in spiritual and magical workings, you're just an afterthought. Not anymore! Spirited celebrates the value and importance of Pagan youth in the wider community. It points out that you can offer your energy, creativity, and individuality from your own unique perspective. It explains what you always knew: Paganism is an expression of the natural and Divine. It includes several first-hand accounts from young Pagans to illustrate their experiences, showing the value of unity in diversity.

Spirited is not just about life and magick going on around you; it's also a book about you and your deep, inner self. This book describes and offers rituals that will help you in your personal growth and transformation so you can become the person you
want to be. There is a lot of theory in this book, but there are also many practical techniques you can use. Spirited is absolutely unique. It dares to transcend the "age barrier" to give you a serious and substantial overview of modern Pagan practices. It is perfect for people in all paths, embracing eclectics and traditionalists

In the chapters of this book you'll find valuable techniques that will enhance your magical practices, including:

• Trance work
• Drawing down
• Aspecting
• Shielding
• Gnosis

Perhaps most importantly, young Pagans will find Spirited to be a comforting and relevant guide for life today.

What People Are Saying About Spirited

A timely guide for young Pagans, Wiccans, and magicians! This is the real deal. . . [and goes] beyond the glitz and glam of Witchcraft, and certainly beyond the "101"...  —Raven Digitalis, author of Goth Craft

. . . a thought-provoking exploration into the world of Magick and Paganism from a modern, young adult perspective. Impressive and insightful.
Ellen Dugan, author of Natural Witchery

An exciting new voice from a step beyond generation hex. . . An excellent guide for not only those in that generation, but for those of us seeking to understand and deepen our relationship with them.
Christopher Penczak, author of The Temple of High Witchcraft

. . . one of those guides that will inspire an entire generation of young Pagans. Parma effortlessly writes in a comforting voice of encouragement and understanding. He has a passion for the topic and first-hand experience as a young Pagan today. . . uses personal and current experiences enabling the reader to relate on a deeper level.
Gwinevere Rain, author of Spellcraft for Teens

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