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Magical Aromatherapy
Magical Aromatherapy
The Power of Scent

By: Scott Cunningham
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780875421292
English  |  224 pages | 4 x 7 x 1 IN
mass market, illus.,tables, index, glossary
Pub Date: October 1989
Price: $8.99 US,  $10.50 CAN
$6.29 US,  $7.35 CAN On Sale!
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It is a well-established fact that certain smells summon certain memories. The smell of popcorn makes you think of movies. The sweet smell of icing on a cake makes you think of birthday parties.
Or perhaps you catch a smell of perfume and it reminds you of the scent your mother wore when you were a child. Perhaps you feel sad because you no longer feel that young or protected.
In short, scents effect your memories and your emotions. These can effect your production of hormones, so the odors have an effect on you mentally, physically, and emotionally.
The study of the effects scents have on you is called aromatherapy. It is a relatively modern science, and one of the leaders of this science, Robert Tisserand, wrote a forward to this book. But there is also an older study, the use of scents in magic. This is known as magical perfumery. Now, for the first time ever, one book combines the ancient and the modern sciences into a clear and easy-to-use system, Magical Aromatherapy. It was written by one of the most respected experts on the magical uses of herbs, Scott Cunningham.
In this book you will get an entire course and resource manual. You'll learn the history of magical aromatherapy, including its use in ancient Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, Rome, Greece, Hawaii, and among Amerinds. You'll also use the techniques to get the aromas from the plant to your nose, from just smelling the flowers to using a nebulizer.
The most valuable resource is the list of 100 natural fresh herbs, dried herbs, and essential oils used in magical aromatherapy. For each one Cunningham gives the common name, the specific name, other names by which the plant of essential oil is know, the part of the plant that is used, the ruling planet, ruling element, the specific areas in which the aroma affects changes (magical influences), and lore – including historical, ritual, and magical information relating to the fragrance.
The first aromatic listed is the apple. You use the flowers for love, peace, and happiness. The last one listed is ylang-ylang which can be used for peace, sex, and love. It can calm "anger and all negative emotional states, transforming such energy into more positive manifestations." Cunningham reveals that "it is also a powerful, true aphrodisiac, creating sexual desire."
You'll find magical aromatherapy purposes for such things as bay (psychic awareness), cinnamon (physical energy), jasmine (love), onion (courage), Orange (purification), tonka (money), and many more. You'll also get sources of distributors, aromatherapy groups and organizations, a glossary and lists of correspondences.
The information in this book can be used by itself to produce magical effects. You can also use it to enhance any of your rituals. You can literally find aromas for any purpose.
If you feel you need a change, or if your rituals are good but don't quite do the job, this is the book you need to get your life moving in the direction you want. Get a copy today and use it tonight.

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