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Norse Magic
Norse Magic

By: D.J. Conway
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780875421377
English  |  240 pages | 4 x 7 x 1 IN
mass market, illus.
Pub Date: January 1990
Price: $7.99 US,  $8.95 CAN
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Norse Magic. These words conjure up images of adventurous Viking warriors, huge swords in hand, sailing their fabled dragon-ships over the foaming ocean. Like other ancient tribes, the Northmen had a strong bond to the Earth and the elements, the gods, and the "little people." Now you can find out more about who they were and what they believed with Norse Magic by D. J. Conway. This book, intended for both beginning and intermediate students of the Norse systems, tells you everything you need to know to practice the Norse version of Wicca, as well as how to practice Norse magic.

This book is a complete guide to the theory and practice of Norse Magic. You will learn how to prepare for magical rituals and how to cast the magical circle. You will learn about the important tools of magic, including the altar, the dagger, and the cords. A complete ritual is given with step-by-step instructions so you can learn this basic magical technique in the Norse way.

Discover the system of Norse Wicca. Meet the triple goddess of Maiden (Idhunn), Mother (Freyja), and Crone (Hel, Skadi, or Holda/Bertha), and the Norse god Freyr, god of fertility and of Yule. Once you understand the deities of the Norse pantheon, you will learn about the eight seasonal rituals. Full ritual scripts for each seasonal holiday, such as Ancestor Night, Sun's Turning, and Walpurgisnacht, can be performed as written or act as guides for writing your own rituals.

Delve into the history of the Norse culture. Learn more about their dress and typical ornamentation, helpful knowledge for designing Norse altars, rooms, ritual robes, and more. You'll also discover the rich mythology that rose up from this land of fire and ice. Norse Magic includes an encylopedic list of important deities, spirits, and supernatural beings and places in Norse myth, from Alfheim (land of the light elves) to Ymir (the first Frost Giant).

Norse Magic concludes with a comprehensive section on Norse spells and magic. Topics covered include herb magic (including the magical uses for over 50 herbs), cauldron magic (complete with rituals for prophecy, healing, prosperity, love and more), sword and dagger magic, chord magic, elf magic, and Dwarf magic. You'll also learn how to use the runes, the famous Norse alphabet, for magic and divination. A long list of correspondences will help you lend extra power to your magic, and the bibliography can help guide you in future research and work.

The key to this book is its practicality. Norse Magic is a comprehensive guide to the history, religion, and magic of these ancient northern warriors.

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