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In the Shadow of the Shaman
In the Shadow of the Shaman
Connecting with Self, Nature & Spirit

By: Amber Wolfe
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780875428888
English  |  384 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
6"x9", illus.
Pub Date: September 2002
Price: $26.50 US
In Stock? Print On Demand, only available within the United States

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Take one part shamanism (the oldest spiritual tradition in the world), and one part modern spiritual traditions. Present it in a "cookbook" format filled with recipes, rituals, and methods that you can select as you need them. The result is a system called Aquarian Shamanism. And you can learn its secrets in Amber Wolfe's In the Shadow of the Shaman.

One of the keys to this book is that it does not ask you to follow its system to the letter. Instead, you use what is in this book to find your inner teacher, for only this teacher can truly direct you on your personal path. When you listen to the wisdom of your inner guide you are able to stand in the center of your own power. Like the shaman, you can then travel on your own path, make your personal Earth Walk and follow your highest Spirit Walk.

The wisdom within the pages of this book is divided into four sections related to the attributes of the four directions. In the south, you will learn about how you can transform items you find into sacred objects or totems. As you work with these objects, you will find messages coming into your life from them. However, the messages may be symbolic, so the book reveals techniques for decoding them, including the meanings of color, the Seneca tradition of stone wisdom, and more. In order to care for your power objects, you must first learn to care for yourself, and the book includes information on such sacred care. You will also learn some shamanic keys to self-healing with shamanic medicines, including the use of stones and herbs.

The second section is focused on the west. Here you will discover ways to contact the sacred energies that fill our universe. Then you will learn the secrets of shamanic visualization techniques or imaging. Also included are techniques and methods for healing yourself and others by focusing on the chakras and doing dreamwork to find answers to questions and obtain spiritual guidance from spirit helpers.

With a focus on the north you will be led to discovering the mysteries of shamanic circles and how such magical circles can be used in ceremonies. This is followed by a wide variety of sacred spells that you can use in your life and which make use of what you have learned. Included are full instructions for spells to gain patience, prosperity, practical wisdom, creativity, mental powers, love, and many more. You will also learn to understand the many cycles of nature and how to make shamanic shields for psychic self-defense.

In the east, you will discover the secrets of shamanic divination, including the stone oracle, the Tarot, and the Seneca cycles of truth. This is followed by a large set of useful correspondences for you to better understand the system and compare it with other traditions.

The book is filled with examples of many guided journeys where you can find your personal guides and use the information from them to create your own spiritual direction. No matter what system you currently use, you will want to add ideas as you dance In the Shadow of the Shaman.

As a mother who also happens to be a witch, it's not always easy to live up to my own standards. I want to shine with peace, love, and contentment, to feel my best and be in the moment each and every minute of each and every day—and at that, I sometimes fail miserably. It's hard to not drown in the chaos that builds from accumulated stresses... read this article
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