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The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt
The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt
The Esoteric Wisdom Revealed

By: Rosemary Clark
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9781567181296
English  |  576 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: September 2000
Price: $29.95 US,  $34.95 CAN
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The modern world has long been fascinated by the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Many guesses were made as to the meanings of its ancient symbolic language. The code was not broken until the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799. Even so, many assumptions and guesses have been made about ancient Egypt. Egyptologists who were respected a century ago are often scorned now.
And yet, much of what has become known as the Western Mystery Tradition can be traced directly to ancient Egypt. Wouldn't it be great if a modern scholar could reveal the secrets of Egypt?
Let me introduce you to Rosemary Clark. She has a 30-year background in historical research and has traveled throughout the Middle East. She has been a featured speaker on several tours of Egypt, and has acted as coordinator for on-site devotional temple activities. She served as exhibit leader for the Tutankhamun tour in Chicago in 1977. And now she reveals the hidden source of esoteric wisdom in her new book, The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt.
This book clearly explains the entire mysticism of that ancient land. You will learn how they used ritual and sacred architecture to encourage human evolution. Seventy illustrations, twenty-two tables, and nine photos make this voluminous knowledge easy to grasp.
You will learn the way the ancient Egyptians perceived life and the environment. You'll discover the four cosmological schools and creation myths of Thebes, Hermopolis, Memphis, and Heliopolis. The book reveals the secret practices of ancient Egyptian astronomy and astrology. Also revealed is how the Egyptian zodiac was a metaphor for the twelve sacred processes in nature.
The book goes on to explain how the sacred temples were of a solar, lunar, or stellar tradition and how they had their religious functions. Then you will learn the metaphysical ideas expressed in the literature of the pyramid and coffin texts and the Book of Going Forth, the so-called Book of the Dead.
Then you will learn the truth of the ancient Egyptian secrets of inner/after life, reincarnation, and ancestral communication. This will lead you to the secrets of the initiatory schools and ancient mystery tradition and sacred science used by members of the temple. You'll also learn about the classes of priests, the functions of the priestesses, and how they used clairvoyance, prophecy, and healings.
Finally, you will learn how to reestablish your bond with nature by using this ancient wisdom and learn the secrets of the three-fold initiation.
But this is not just a book of ancient history. Included throughout the book is a series of practical exercises that will allow you to put this traditional wisdom into practical use. You'll also discover how the ancient Egyptian ideas can put a new spin on modern psychology and could even revitalize your spirituality.
Never before has so much accurate information about the religion, philosophy, and mysteries of ancient Egypt been presented in a way that not only makes it clear to understand but applicable in your life today. If you want the real, inner secrets of spirituality on which most of modern mysticism is based, this book is for you.

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