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Silver's Spells for Protection
Silver's Spells for Protection

By: Silver RavenWolf
Series: Silver's Spells Series #1
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9781567187298
English  |  208 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN
5 3/16 x 6 , 264 pp. illus. , appendices , bibliog. , index
Pub Date: March 2000
Price: $12.95 US,  $14.95 CAN
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There are many kinds of protection. You can protect yourself from theft, illness, harm, and many other types of threats. Now, world-famous author Silver RavenWolf gives techniques to keep yourself, your possessions, and your loved ones safe in Silver's Spells for Protection.

Even if you know nothing of magick, this book is ideal. It begins with "Operating Instructions," a basic introduction to magic. Appendices include a list of herbs for protection and for house and business blessing. There are also herbs that can be used to help break hexes and to be used in exorcising problems. The appendices also include information on color magick, astrology, planetary hours, moon phases, and more.

But this book is focused on spells, spells, and more spells! The first section of spells covers personal prevention magick. Here you will learn spells to avert disaster planned by others, how to make and use Black Madonna protection incense, five methods of shielding yourself, the four directions protection spell, a sea salt protection bath, plus techniques of protection for when you go shopping, travelling, and many more.

Need to bless your home? Use the Morrigan protection incense. This is made with cedar shavings, dragon's blood resin, musk oil, patchouli oil, lavender buds, and mugwort. The percentages are given in the book, as is the method of blending it and how to burn it. As you do, hold your hands over the smoke and say: "From Spirit to herb, from herb to incense, from incense to flame, from flame to smoke, from smoke to Spirit I empower this incense in the name of (pick deity) for the purpose of (state intent)."

The next section of the book gives you spells for "banishing those lesser irritations." It begins with some very simple techniques such as this: "Turn your shirt inside-out and slam it in a door to send back gossip. Light a white candle, and say: 'Lift me above the sea of unkind words, Great Mother. Bring to me peace, harmony, and good will.'"

The book continues with spells to eliminate stress, reverse curses, turn back evil with Four Thieves Vinegar, and use a mirror to repel negativity. Other spells include methods for stopping nightmares; end periods where you (or loved ones) are constantly going to the doctor; and prevent those pesky midnight callers.

The last section of the book gives you help for when things get sticky. Here you will find a spell to bring an animal abuser to justice, another to get back stolen possessions, and a way to get rid of a jealous lover. You'll also learn candle magick for court cases, how to banish media lies, and overcome anger at work.

This is just a small listing of the many spells available for you to use. Silver also includes handy practical tips and means for enhancing your spells.

This is an absolutely charming book for anyone. Even if they're not magically inclined this book makes a great gift. And the simple spells in here can really make a difference in your life.

As a mother who also happens to be a witch, it's not always easy to live up to my own standards. I want to shine with peace, love, and contentment, to feel my best and be in the moment each and every minute of each and every day—and at that, I sometimes fail miserably. It's hard to not drown in the chaos that builds from accumulated stresses... read this article
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