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101 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home
101 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

By: Richard Webster
Series: Feng Shui Series #1
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9781567188097
English  |  192 pages | 5 x 8 IN
5 1/4"x8", charts, appendices, index
Pub Date: April 1998
Price: $11.95 US,  $13.95 CAN
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Also Available: Spanish

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Long Blurb:

Have you ever noticed that just cleaning your home makes you feel better? Or that moving the furniture makes your house feel different? Wouldn't it be great if there had been a scientific study that could tell you how to adjust your home so that you would be happier, healthier and more successful?
Well, there is such a science! It's called feng shui, and has been practiced in the Far East for thousands of years.
But you don't need to pay for an expert to come in and tell you what to do. All you need is 101 Feng Shui Tips for the Home by well-known authority Richard Webster.
          This book is a simple introduction to feng shui. You'll learn about the philosophy behind feng shui, including the universal energy called Ch'i (or Qi), and the division of that energy into yin and yang, as well as the five elements. You'll also see how the energy can be seen in sets of three (the trigrams).
This practical book is filled with ideas and tips on how to use the ancient wisdom embodied in feng shui to improve your home and your life.
You begin by evaluating your home, finding out where the ch'i flows easily and where it is blocked. Then you take a specific look at each of the rooms. Finally, follow the suggestions, tips and ideas to improve your home based on feng shui principles. For example:
Tip number 20: The size of your front door should be in keeping with the size of your house. If the front door is overly large ... your fortunes will suffer. If it is too small, ch'i is constricted and there will be disagreements.
Tip number 38: The cook should be able to see anyone who enters the room without turning his or her head more than forty-five degrees. If this is not possible, place mirrors to allow the cook to see the doorway.
Tip number 45: The dining room should not be at a lower level than the living room.
Tip number 60: A live plant can stimulate the energy of a bedroom.
Several of the suggestions in the book require setting up your rooms in a different way. In many cases, this may be impossible. That's why you may find the chapter on feng shui remedies to be the most important in this book. In it you'll find out how to use things such as mirrors, wind chimes and fountains to improve the flow of ch'i through your home and help bring success and balance into your life.
This is one of the most practical and useful books on feng shui ever written. You will literally be able to use its advice and make minor changes (perhaps as simple as adding a mirror or screen or keeping a door closed) that can make major improvements in your life. For changes that matter, get this book!

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