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Love and Intuition
Love and Intuition
A Psychic's Guide to Creating Lasting Love

By: Sherrie Dillard
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738715551
English  |  336 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: June 2010
Price: $16.95 US,  $19.50 CAN
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"Dillard’s positive communication style detangles the complexities of love and intuition."
New Age Retailer

"Whether you are looking for love or you're already in a committed relationship, the skills Sherrie is offering are tangible to anyone that wants to experience true passion and emotion with another person."
—Atlanta Examiner

"The book that can turn your love life around."

"This book is a keeper!"
—Suite 101

"If there was an owner's manual on love, this would be it. Dillard understands and effectively teaches that keen insight into ourselves opens intuition, that soulful awareness builds confidence, and that confidence attracts the most desired love."
—S. Kelley Harrell, author of Gift of the Dreamtime

"Love and Intuition is a masterfully written book that guides the reader on a journey through the intuitive world. There is a passion in the book that stimulates the reader to have a greater, deliberate intuitive understanding of their relationships. The book will resonate with individuals seeking to take an expanded inner understanding out into the world to create more meaningful and loving relationships."
—Bernie Ashman, author of SignMates

"Love and Intuition is far more than a book about how to use your intuition to find meaningful  intimacy. What impressed me even more was how Sherrie Dillard demonstrates the natural teamwork between human affection and psychic sensitivity. In her world, the two feed on each other and ultimately cannot be separated. This synergy not only deepens love, but also keeps intuition free of ego’s distorting demons. I heartily recommend this worthy follow-up to her earlier Discover Your Psychic Type."
—Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky

"In her latest book, Love and Intuition, Sherrie Dillard’s inspiring and compassionate teaching style is apparent. Sherri deftly makes her point then brings it to life with examples gleaned from her many years as a successful psychic. Her writing style is easy to read and makes the complex subjects of love and intuition not only accessible, but fun and exciting. This fresh approach, coupled with simple and effective exercises, empowers the reader to develop their own intuitive skills. Sherrie’s book is a must read for anyone who has struggled with love. More importantly it is a vital addition to the bookshelves of anyone looking to deepen their own spiritual experience and connection."
—Allison Agius, author of Hidden Secrets, Buried Treasure

"Sherrie Dillard, a gifted psychic, has written a most helpful book in Love and Intuition. She takes the reader from the basics of intuition and exercises for developing it to self-healing, relationships, spirit guides, and eternal love. This book is truly a gift, brimming with both deeper insight and practical suggestions, and Ms. Dillard’s selfless intention to truly assist her readers is implicit throughout.  She realizes, as a growing number of spiritual intuitives do, that intuition is not just for fortune-telling, but also for unfolding, healing, and allowing the full expression of self. Love and Intuition takes the reader on a journey for doing just that.  I would heartily recommend reading it!"
—Diane Brandon, integrative intuitive counselor and host of "Vibrant Living with Diane Brandon" and "Vibrantly Green with Diane Brandon"

"Sherrie Dillard gives us an invaluable gift that will last us a lifetime. She teaches us how to connect to our deepest and most meaningful selves and in doing so we find true love within.  And once we learn to love ourselves we can then attract anything and anyone our heart desires!"
—Richard E. Zimmerman, spiritual wealth teacher, co-founder the Alchemy Center London, England

"Connecting love, psi, and passion, psychic author Sherrie Dillard offers invaluable tips on how to develop long-lasting, nurturing relationships by creating true connections--all while discovering the intuitive path to loving yourself, the greatest relationship of all."
—Kala Ambrose, author of 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled,  host of "Explore Your Spirit with Kala" show, and national metaphysical spirituality writer for the Examiner.com

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