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A product by Lo Scarabeo Tarot of the Angels

By: Lo Scarabeo
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Boxed Deck | 9780738712918
English, Spanish | 3 x 5 x 1 IN
Pub Date: February 2008
Price: $22.95 US,  $26.50 CAN
In Stock? Yes, ready to ship
Tarot of the Angels
Card 01
Card 02
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Product Summary
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Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith, this deck provides an interesting addition to the familiar images. Angels, representing guidance from the Divine or your own higher self, show up in the cards. Discover how you can better interact with or channel your highest, best self to create a life of serenity and joy.


The Tarot of the Angels will surprise you. The title and gentle art cannot prepare you for this thought-provoking guide and useful divination deck. Using the structure and inspiration of the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Tarot of the Angels does something most clones don’t accomplish—it adds something to the images that enhance the original meanings. This deck takes the RWS as a starting place and then takes you on a slightly different journey. You see angels, both good and evil, playing different roles. You see interactions (sometimes unknowingly) with angels or how you channel them as you play different roles. The cards show angelic influences. The booklet gives advice via a sacred text. The deck designer meant for this package to provide guidance; he did not mean it for divination. However, it does read very well. Through exploring this deck, you’ll also learn about yourself, which is always fascinating, isn’t it?

But, let’s take a closer look at the cards themselves. The elements that are added are, of course, angels. Many people don’t believe in angels or don’t accept certain ideas about them, and those beliefs and ideas could get in the way of one’s enjoyment of the deck. However, you can think of the angels in the images as representations of our higher selves or your individual connection to the Divine. And because "evil guardians" are also represented, these can, perhaps, represent your shadow self.

The Magician shows a scientist or alchemist at work. An angel is behind him, clearly guiding his hands has he works with his tubes and chemicals. This shows the influence of the Divine in magic or art or science or whatever is made extraordinary by genius. Whether it is to you—an outside agent or that part of yourself that contains or is connected to the Divine—doesn’t really matter. The point is, in either case, that all the skill in the world alone doesn’t have the same results as skill combined with inspiration. The Four of Pentacles shows the familiar figure of a man sitting with a coin under each foot, holding a coin, and one coin floating above his head. The addition here includes a good angel and an evil angel on either side of him. Is saving always bad? Is it always good? The Hanged Man is particularly poignant. It shows the hanged man’s head and shoulders being supported by angelic arms. The Hierophant is interesting as the image of the Hierophant is replaced by an angel and the two supplicants or students are replaced by two sheep. This makes me think of the role of the Hierophant, as teacher and spiritual leader. When we play the role of the Hierophant, to do it best, we channel or become an angel…or our own best highest selves.

The little booklet includes meanings for each of the cards. All the meanings are, according to Berti, taken from the Bible, specifically, from the books of Proverbs and of Ecclesiasticus (a book recognized by the Catholic church but not most Protestant groups). Examples include: "Act in such a way that all your thoughts are not sterile, that every action is productive, that every fruit you produce is sweet" (for the Empress) and "Do not flee from melancholy but heed its voice: let it guide you towards self-knowledge" (for the 9 of Pentacles). You will find this use of a sacred text (or two) as the inspiration for card meanings intriguing.

In the booklet, Berti advises, "Try drawing a card every morning, or every time a problem is bothering you. Then read the sentence in relation to yourself, to your hopes, or to your desires. In this way you will learn, day by day, to follow the suggestions of good conscience and make your life more serene." Because Berti means this deck as a guide to good living, he does not include a spread or instructions for divinatory use. However, it can be used effectively in any traditional spread. This deck could become a very inspiring reading deck as well as a solid guide to following the voice of your higher self.

Deck Attributes
Name of deck: Tarot of the Angels
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo
ISBN: 9780738712918
Creator’s name: Giordano Berti
Brief biography of creator: Giordano Berti is an expert in the history of Tarot and all things esoteric. He has designed many decks, has written many books, and serves as a consultant for Lo Scarabeo.
Artist’s name: Arturo Picca
Brief biography of artist: Arturo Picca is an Italian artist who has also illustrated The UFO Tarot and The Pirates Tarot.
Name of accompanying booklet: Tarot of the Angels
Number of pages of booklet: 63, 14 in English
Author of booklet: Giordano Berti
Available in a boxed kit?:
If yes, are there extras in the kit? What are they?:
A light blue satin bag with an angel on it.
Magical Uses: None
Reading Uses: General, Karma
Artistic Style: moderately loose illustration

Theme: Angels, inspired by the Bible and with meanings taken from the books of Proverbs and of Ecclesiasticus
Tarot, Divination Deck, Other (if other, describe): Tarot
Does it follow Rider-Waite-Smith Standard?: Yes
Why was deck created?: According to the creator, Berti, to provide accessible guides that we can consult as needed to help us live better lives.
Book suggestions for Tarot beginners and this deck: 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card by Mary K. Greer
Book suggestions for experienced Tarot users and this deck: Same as above.

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