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A product by Blue Angel Oracle of the Dragonfae

By: Lucy Cavendish
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Boxed Deck | 9780738739007
English  |  164 pages | 5 x 7 x 1 IN
Pub Date: May 2013
Price: $23.95 US,  $27.95 CAN
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Oracle of the Dragonfae

Product Summary
Publisher Reviews
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Together, the text and the art of the Oracle of the Dragon Fae create a rich and layered mythology. Tap into that mythology to bring strength and power into your own life. Learn how to identify subtle differences in energy and get advice about how to best approach your biggest challenges and to best nourish your deepest dreams.

Full Review: In the Oracle of the Dragon Fae, creator Lucy Cavendish immerses us in the world of the Dragonfae. She says that once, long ago, we were all one with the elemental and magical beings that inhabited our earth. But, we tore ourselves away from them due to false beliefs and fear. We separated ourselves from them. They hid themselves from us for their own safety. Now they are starting to return and this deck is a portal that allows them to return. By using it, we are interacting with them and inviting them back into our hearts, our lives, and our world.

Because all the old myths are wrong, distorted through fear and misunderstanding, it is necessary to learn the truth all over again. In addition, there are new dragonfae being born, which is a hopeful sign. Lucy Cavendish's book is rich and makes it easy to enter this world, to learn the new mythology, and work with the energies of old. It is a rich experience, and complex one, but Cavendish's writing pulls the reader along making the transition from mundane to magickal seem almost effortless.

The cards, 43 in all, are created by seven different artists, bringing a variety of styles to the deck. Depending on your aesthetics, this will create a rich and decadent experience or a discordant one. If you prefer your decks to have a more unified feel, then this would be best used for one-card draws, for inspiration or advice rather than for divinatory purposes.

Each card has a name and a phrase, such as:

Queen Oonagh: A brilliant solution is on its way
The Listener: Sacred Silence
Chumara: Web of all life

Each card is numbered, very lightly, at the top. The number is unobtrusive but it helps when looking up the card in the book, which you will probably have to do, since so many of the dragonfae will be unfamiliar and even the ones with familiar names may have meanings different from what you already know.

In addition to three spreads, the text describes four sections for each card plus gives the name of the artist who created that card:

[card name] Speaks
About [card name]
Divinatory meaning
Working with [card name]

Cavendish creates a richly layered mythology. This means it is not a deck that you can pick up and just start reading with. You cannot just look at the card, even with the name and phrase on it, and understand what it means. The art is very dependent on the text, so prepare to dive in and swim around for a while. It'll be a very intense and pleasant experience, to be sure.

Deck Attributes
Name of deck: Oracle of the Dragon Fae
Reviewer's Byline: Barbara Moore
Publisher: Blue Angel
ISBN: 9780738739007
Creator's name: Lucy Cavendish
Brief biography of creator: Lucy Cavendish is a natural white witch who works with the elemental and celestial realms. She works magic every single day of her life, embracing it as a creed for personal fulfillment and happiness, and as a belief system that sees us a as a part of nature, and thus gives us all the motivation to respect and reverse and delight in our unique experience here on Planet earth. Lucy created Witchcraft magazine in 1992 and is a feature writer for Spellcraft Magazine and Spheres. She lives in Sydney, Australia.
Artist names: Nicole Cadet, Selina Fenech, Debbie Lean, Jimmy Manton, Kylie McDonough, Ravynne Phelan, Toni Carmine Salerno
Name of accompanying book/booklet: Oracle of the Dragonfae: A Magickal Guidebook
Number of pages of book/booklet: 164 pages
Author of book/booklet: Lucy Cavendish
Reading Uses: General
Theme: Dragons and elemental energy
Why was deck created?: To provide a portal for the return of ancient elemental beings

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