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Tarot for the Healing Heart
Using Inner Wisdom to Heal Body & Mind

By: Christine Jette
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738700434
English  |  240 pages | 8 x 9 IN
Pub Date: July 2001
Price: $20.95 US
In Stock? Print On Demand, only available within the United States

Product Summary
Table of Contents
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<TITLE>Annotated Table of Contents:</TITLE>

<FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>Annotated Table of Contents:</P>
</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>PART ONE: What Everybody Knows</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous, then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.</P>
<P>William James</P>
</I></FONT><FONT FACE="Times" SIZE=2>
</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>Chapter 1.  The Time to Heal</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>Take the time to come home to yourself everyday.</P>
<P>Robin Casarjean</P>
</I><P>Linking to a timeless rite (the need to heal; relationship between holistic health and tarot)</P>
<P>The time to heal (finding time, expectations of healing)</P>
<P>A word about chronic pain</P>
<P>Getting the most from Tarot for the Healing Heart (how to use the book)</P>
<P>A word to the wise (tarot complements but does not replace medical care)</P>

</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>Chapter 2.  Clearing a Path: The Tools of Healing</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>Affirmations are like prescriptions for certain aspects of yourself you want to change.</P>
<P>Jerry Frankhauser</P>
</I><P>Important preliminary steps are covered to create a healing atmosphere. These include creating sacred space, centeredness, affirming the intention to heal, meditation, keeping a journal and dream work. </P>

</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>PART TWO: Lion Heart</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>We teach best what we need to know.</P>
</I></FONT><FONT FACE="Times" SIZE=2>
</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>Chapter 3. The Broken Heart: Understanding Illness</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>A broken heart is like a desert wherein can flourish no green thing.</P>
<P>Washington Irving</P>
</I><P>Gives an overview of illness and provides you with tools for understanding your personal patterns of dis-ease and healing. You find your personal power in a meditation with Judgment called "Choosing Your Karma."</P>

</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>Chapter 4.  The Heart of Dis-ease: Listening to the Message</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>Look and you will find it. What is unsought will go undetected. </P>
</I><P>The defects and flaws that keep us from health are not personal failures, but wounds. Chapter four examines the choices you are making, not as defects, but as wounds exposed. You find your personal meaning of dis-ease, or life lesson, and explore things that go bump in the night. By listening to the message of dis-ease from your body, you start to hear your own life wisdom and create a healing cycle. Emphasis is placed on the fact that physical handicap and permanent injuries do not interfere with our ability to give and receive love. By understanding your body's messages, you begin to learn life wisdom.</P>

</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>PART THREE: Heart and Soul</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.</P>
<P>Ralph Waldo Emerson</P>
</I><P>The basis of all healing is self-love and health attracts health. Chapter five begins by looking at the important role of attitudes in healing and healing as a lifestyle. You gain awareness through an activity called "The Inner Healing Journey."  Finally, you awaken the healer within: a meditation with Temperance, the healing angel, offers visualization for self-acceptance.  </P>

</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>Chapter 6.  The Heart of Healing: Support for the Healing Process</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>Like an ability or muscle, hearing your inner wisdom is strengthened by doing it.</P>
<P>Robbie Gass</P>
</I><P>Chapter six looks at attitudes and activities that support the healing process.  Methods of pain reduction are explored in a meditation with the Hermit called "Going Within to Stop Pain".  You will learn to hear your own wise counsel through activities with the King and Queen of Cups. Practical suggestions give you ideas on how to find continued support for the healing process.</P>

</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>PART FOUR: Whole New Worlds</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>Be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels, not of trade, but of thought.</P>
<P>Henry David Thoreau</P>
</I></FONT><FONT FACE="Times" SIZE=2>
</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>Chapter 7. Horizons</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>There is a test to see if your mission on earth is finished.</P>
<P>If you're alive, it isn't.</P>
<P>Richard Bach</P>
</I><P>Because we want to help others, there is a tendency to become healers before we ourselves are healed. Chapter 7 explores using Tarot for the Healing Heart to heal others and concludes with a prediction for the new millennium.</P>

</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>Chapter 8.  Healing Heart Tarot</P>
</B></FONT><I><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>When you use the cards in a reading directed at your health,</P>
<P>you are tapping into ancient traditions of healing.</P>
<P>Vicki Noble</P>
</I><P>Chapter 8 explains how to use an entire tarot deck for the express purpose of healing. It begins with important preliminary steps to take when working with the cards. </P>
</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>Bibliography</P>

<P>List of Activities</P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Times" SIZE=2>
</FONT><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>Chapter 2</P>

<P>Centering- the art of knowing yourself</P>
<P>Affirmation- the intention to heal</P>
<P>           </P>
<P>Chapter 3</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Choosing your karma</P>
<P>Chapter 4</P>
</FONT><FONT FACE="Times" SIZE=2><P></FONT><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2>Finding your personal meaning of dis-ease</P>
</FONT><FONT FACE="Times" SIZE=2><P></FONT><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2>The posture of illness and health </P>
<P>Letting go of fear- a meditation</P>
<P>Chapter 5</P>
<P>Healing as a lifestyle</P>
<P>Contacting the healer within</P>
</FONT><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>Chapter 6 </P>
<P>Psychic play/sacred play</P>
<P>Your own wise counsel</P>
<P>Physician/healer. </P>
<P>Going within to stop pain, a meditation with the Hermit</P>
<P>When spider webs unite</P>
</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times"><P>List of Tarot Spreads</P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Times" SIZE=2>
</FONT><FONT FACE="Courier New,Times" SIZE=2><P>Figure 1.   Picture the Pain</P>
<P>Figure 2.  The Broken Heart  </P>
<P>Figure 3.  A Fresh Perspective of Dis-ease</P>
<P>Figure 4.  The Headless Horsemen of Dis-ease</P>
<P>Figure 5.  The Heart of Dis-ease</P>
<P>Figure 6.  Inner Healing Journey</P>
<P>Figure 7.  The Open Heart</P>
<P>Figure 8. The Heart of Healing</P>


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