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Feast of Flames

By: Amber K, Azrael Arynn K
Series: Holiday Series #5
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738700793
English  |  264 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
7 1/2 x 9 1/8, 360 pp., bibliog., index
Pub Date: December 2001
Price: $17.95
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Product Summary
Table of Contents
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Acknowledgments • xi
Notes on Grammar & Terminology • xii
Introduction • xiii
Chapter 1: The Festivals of February • 1
The Ice Ages and the End of Winter • The Bear Goddess of Neolithic Europe
The Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece • Lupercalia
The Celts and Imbolg • The Norse Festivals of February
Festivals of the British Isles • Brigit’s Eve/The Feast Day of St. Brigid
Candlemas • The Feast Day of St. Blaise • St. Valentine’s Day
More Festivals of February • The Themes of the Holy Day
Chapter 2: Brigit, Goddess and Saint • 23
Sources on the Goddess • The Names of the Goddess
Family Relationships • Brigit’s Connections with Other Goddesses
Where the Goddess Rules • Brigit the Fire Goddess
Brigit, Fertility and Birth Goddess • Brigit the Healer
Brigit the Smith • Brigit the Poet • Brigit the Warrior
The Great Goddess • Her Nature as Triple Goddess
Brigit’s Faery Connections • Ireland in the 5th and 6th Centuries
The Annals of St. Brigid • St. Brigid as a Child and Young Woman
Her Vocation in the Church • Her Death and Relics
Tales of St. Brigid • St. Brigid, Jesus, and Mary
St. Brigid’s Goddess Connections • The Saint’s Faery Connections
Saint Brigid: A Real Person?
Conclusion: The Humanization of Brigit and Her Meaning Today
Chapter 3: Customs, Traditions, and Symbols • 61
Welcoming Ritual • A Brigit Corn Dolly • Brigid’s Bed
The Hearthfire • Making Brigid’s Crosses or Sun Wheels
A Gift for Brigit • Begging for Biddy—“Alms for Poor Biddy”
A Procession by Torchlight • The Crown of Lights • Brigit’s Mantle
Brigit’s Magickal Girdle • Burning the Yule Greens
Red and White • The Sacred Smiths
Brigit’s Sacred Springs and Wells • Protection Magick
Dancing Back-to-Back • Games • Groundhog Day and Winter Weather
Animals, Plants, and Symbols Sacred to Brigit • Conclusion
Chapter 4: Divination • 91
Pyromancy • More Flame Scrying
Salt, Bay Leaves, and Dried Peas in the Fire • Hearthside Signs of Brigid
Through the Smoke • Water Divination • Melted Wax in Water
Straw and Hot Iron • Bibliomancy • A Brigid’s Tarot Reading
Casting the Stones • Dreaming • Conclusion
Chapter 5: Cleansing & Purification • 105
A Cleansing Fast • A Ritual Bath • Releasing Negative Emotions
A Mental Clearing Exercise • An Elemental Cleansing
A Self-blessing Ceremony • Out with the Old Stuff House Cleaning
A House Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony • Spring Yard Cleaning & Landscaping
Creating a Sanctuary Room • (Re)creating Your Personal Altar
Cleansing and (Re)consecrating Your Ritual Tools
A Workplace Clearing Ceremony • Conclusion
Chapter 6: Celebrations and Rituals • 125
The Room • The Altar • The Music • Rituals
A Midwinter Rite for One • Celebrating with Your Family
A Small-group Ritual: The Mysteries of Smithcraft
A Community Celebration The Three Faces of Brigit
Some Additional Ideas for Rituals • Conclusion
A Late Winter Meditation
Chapter 7: The Candles of Candle-Mass • 153
What’s in a Candle? • How to Make a Candle • Candles from Molds
Decorated Candles • Finishing Your Candle • Candles in Magick
Choosing Candle Colors • Herbs, Fragrances, Metals, and Stones
Symbols to Carve • Candle Safety
Chapter 8: Preparing the Feast; Ancient and Modern Dishes • 173
An Ancient Feast—Pre-Crusades Foods
The Bright Side of the Crusades • The Irish Thank Columbus for the Potato
A Note to Vegetarians
Breads and Grain Dishes
Irish Potato Bread • Brede’s Braid Bread • Oatcakes
Millet and Mushrooms • Flummery
Oatmeal Porridge, Barley Porridge, Millet Porridge
Something to Go with Bread
Dipping Dinner • Welsh Rarebit • Fried Leeks and Bacon
Late Winter Soups
“All That’s Left Is Potatoes and Leeks” Soup
Irish Stew • Guiness Stew
One-pot Meals
Corned Beef and Cabbage • Bubble and Squeak • Colcannon
Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy
Fried Fish Fillets
A Trout in the Pan Is Better than a Salmon in the Sea
Sous’d Mackerel
Mushroom-Dill Wine Sauce for Fish or Meat
From Forest and Farm
Honey-Apple Chicken or Game Hen or Rabbit
Roast Rabbit • Oimelc Ham • Roast Lamb
Forest Bounty
Basic Late Winter Meat Recipe
Stewed Seagreen • Sunshine in Winter
Simple Pickles Made Last Summer
And Something Sweet
Stuffed Pancakes • The Best Scones • Strawberry Cream
Cranberry Fruit Nut Bread • Brigid’s Cross Cookies
Fire and Snow Trifle • Ancient Syllabub
Drinks All ‘Round!
Mulled Cider or Wine • Victorian Syllabub
Hot Buttered Rum MMMMix
Final Toasts
Chapter 9: Conclusion • 211
Appendix I: Resources • 215
Bibliography • 219
Index • 225

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