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Mysteria Magica
Mysteria Magica
Fundamental Techniques of High Magick

By: Osborne Phillips, Melita Denning
Series: The Magical Philosophy #3
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738701691
English  |  408 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
6 x 9, 408 pp., bibliog., index
Pub Date: January 2004
Price: $24.95 US,  $38.50 CAN
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Product Summary
Table of Contents
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Paper                                                                 Page
Part I—Fundamental Techniques
IPostur e & Br eathing 3
II The Calyx 7
III The Setting of the Wards of Power (Hebrew) 11
IV The Setting of the Wards of Power (Greek) 17
V Sub Rosa Nigra: The Setting of the
Wards of Adamant 21
VIClavis Rei Primae 1st Formula 27
VII Clavis Rei Primae 2nd Formula 35
VIII The Orante Formula 39
IX Banishing & Invoking 43
Part II—Magick of the Psyche
X Identifying with God-forces 51
XIRising on the Planes 57
XII “Astral Projection” 61
XIII Works Undertaken through Astral Projection 69
XIV The Formula of the Watcher 75
XV Elementary Techniques of Scrying 79
Part III—Formative Principles & Methods
XVISub Rosa Nigra: The Aurum Solis
Constellation of the Worshipped 87
XVII Principles of Ceremonial 101
XVIII The Dance as Instrument of Magick 117
XIX Images 127
XX Sigils 141
XXIOf The Conjurations of the Art 155
Part IV—Enochian Studies
XXII De Rebus Enochianis 1—Texts 166
XXIII De Rebus Enochianis 2—Practical Commentary 207
Part V—Consecrations
XXIV The Holy Pentacles 249
XXV The High Concentration of The Tessera 253
XXVISub Rosa Nigra: The Concentration of
the Great Wand or Spear 263
XXVIThe Concentration of the Gr eat W and
or Spear (Hebrew Working) 271
XXVIII The Concentration of the Sword 279
XXIX The High Concentration of the Grail 287
XXX The Consecration of the Disc 297
XXXIThe Consecration of the Burin 305
XXXII The Consecration of the Cup 311
XXXIII Consecration of the Wand 319
XXXIV On the Use of the Magical Weapons 327
Part VI—Ritual Formulae
XXXV Sphere-Working 333
XXXVIRitual Formulae of the House of Sacrifice 337
XXXVII Evocation to Visible Appearance in
the Triangle Art 341
XXXVII Evocation to Visible Appearance in the Crystal 353
XXXIX The Magician 359
XL Sub Rosa Nigra: Transubstantiation 363
XLIConsecration of a T alisman:
Liber Ad Amuleta Consecranda 373
XLII Sub Rosa Nigra: The Gnostic 383
A Pronunciation of Enochian 391
B Form of Invocation and Dismissal of Elementals 413
Other Formulae and Procedures
Arista 22–25
Gesture Ave 23
The Deific Formula 54
The Going Forth of the Star and the Chariot Thereof 65
Orthrochoros 110
Dyseochoros 111
The Theban Angelic Formula 217–219
Invocations of the Great Elemental Kings 220
Order of Invocations of Forces of Liber Scientiae 238–240
Preparation of Anointing Oil 252
The Dionic Formula 333–334
Neutralisation of Talisman 381–382
Accessio Lucis 384
Folio 3v, BM Sloane MS 3191 179
Folio 7v, BM Sloane MS 3191 189
Byzantine Ivory Panel 336
Medieval French Cross 336
Diagrams and Drawings
The Pentagram 43
The Heptagram 46
Sigils 141–142
Kameas 145–147
Theurgic Presigilla 148–149
The Four Enochian Tablets 167
Characteres Symmetrici 168–171
The Four Enochian Characters 209
The Symbol of the Quintessence 249
The Tessera 261
The Disc or Pentacle 296
The Burin or Dagger 304
The Elemental Cup 317
The Elemental Wand 318
Casmina Sub Rosa Nigra
Casmen III (The Holy One) 259–260
Casmen II 263–264
Casmen I (Leukothea) 288
Magical Hymns, Litanies, and Praises
The Ogdoadic Catena 254
Hymnodia Krypte of Hermes Tismegistus,
Logos XIII, 18 255
Hymn of the Seven Vowels 265
Hymne à l’Etre Suprême (English) 268–269
Hymne à l’Etre Suprême (French) 269–270
Qabalistic Litany 272–273
The Sevenfold Affirmation 274–275
Yoshor Yahveh 276
Praise of the Sword 280–281
The Song of Iubar 284–285
I have Caught Your Fire (Grail Sequence 1) 290
My Lovers Have Called Me Death (Grail Sequence 2) 291
I am the Womb of Rebirth (Grail Sequence 3) 291
Orison of Tiberianus 298–299
Hastening the Chariot of My Heart’s Desire 359–360
Litany of the Crown of Twelve Rays 364–365
Tables of Correspondences
Hebrew Divine Names Employed with Pentagrams 44
Enochian Divine Names Employed with Pentagrams 45
Magical Images 127
Theurgic Telesmatic Qualities 130–133
Theurgic Determinant Influences 134–136
Values of the Hebrew Letters 143
Values of the Greek Letters 144
Enochian Elemental Hierarchies 172–175
Liber Scientiae Correspondences 201–204
Values of Enochian Letters 206
Attributions of the Angelic Keys 215
The Good Ministers of the Ayres 224–238
Index to the Ayres 243–246
The Fivefold Pattern 338
The Tridentine Rite 371
Metals 373–374

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