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Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness
Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness

By: Keith Sherwood
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738703541
English  |  312 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: July 2005
Price: $14.95 US,  $19.95 CAN
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Part One - Knowing Yourself
Chapter One: 3 Introduction; What is Karma?; What is Karmic Baggage?; Effects of Karmic Baggage; Karmic Baggage on the Spiritual Level; Karmic Baggage on the Mental Level; Karmic Baggage on the Emotional Level; Karmic Baggage on the Etheric Level; Karmic Baggage on the Physical-Material Level; Karma and Culture; Who Do You Love?; What You Will Learn
Chapter Two: 21 Getting to Know Your Self; The Functional Nature of the Self; The Self Is You . . . Sort Of;  Consciousness in the Natural World; Individual Human Consciousness; The Bodies of Desire; Artha; Kama; Dharma; Moksha; The Functions of Mind; Koshas; Indryias; Pranas; The Aspects of Mind; Manas; Buddhi; Chitta; Ahamkara
Chapter Three: 35 Let's Talk a Little About Energy; The Tattvas; The Structure and Function of Unqualified Energy; The Three Forms of Unqualified Energy; Prana and the Breath; The Yogic Breath; The Aprana; The Chakras; Stimulating the Seven Traditional Chakras; The Kundalini-Shakti; Sensing Unqualified Energy; Shifting Your Orientation; Reorienting Yourself; Centering in the Back of the Heart Chakra
Chapter Four: 55 Strengthening your Boundaries; Surface of Personal Body Space; Apranic Boundary; The Surface of the Auric Fields; The Auric Fields; The Structure of the Auric Field; Function of the Auric Fields; What Weakens the Surface of the Auras; Strengthening the Boundaries; The Commitments
Chapter Five: 67 Interpenetrating Worlds; The World of Spirit; The World of Intellect; The World of Soul; The World of the Lower Mind; The World of the Chakras; Worlds of Exercises; Splitting Your Attention and Activating the Front of the Heart Chakra; Looking Inward in  the World of Spirit; Looking Inward in the World of Intellect; Looking Inward on All Worlds Simultaneously; Actithe Seven Traditional Chakras; Spirit-Looking Inward on Seven Dimensions; Intellect-Looking Inward on Seven Dimensions; Soul-Look-ing Inward on Seven Dimensions; Lower Mind-Looking Inward on Seven Dimensions; Looking Inward on All Worlds Simultaneously

Part Two - Protecting Yourself
Chapter Six: 85 The Collective Field of Maya; Subfields in the Field of Maya; The Three Gunas; Tamasic Energy; Ragistic Energy: Sattvic Energy; Subfields in the External Environment; Subfields in the Internal Environment; Integrated or Independent Subfields; Function of Qualified Energy; Hermetics; The Prinof Universal Mind; The Principle of Correspondence; The Principle of Vibration; The Principle of Polarity; The Principle of Rhythm; The Principle of Cause and Effect; The Principle of Gender
Chapter Seven: 109 The Kali Yuga; Karma is Your Roadmap; The Mental Attention; The Intent; Combining the Intent with the Mental Attention; Exercises 1-5; The Second Attention with Emphasis; Shifting Emphasis; Exercises 1-3; The Power of Prana; Combining the Mental Attention with Prana; Moving the Mental Attention; Creating a Scanning Tool; Scanning in the World of Spirit; Scanthe Auric Field; Scanning for Qualified Subfields
Chapter Eight: 127 Conscious Energy Concentrations; CECs and Subtle Forms of Life; Strucand Function of CECs; Complex Subfields; So What's Normal . . . Any; Power of CECs
Chapter Nine: 137 Complex Subfields; Controlling Waves; Cords; Bumpy Strings; Vasanas; Vasanas Along with Samskaras; Samskaras; Scanning for Bumpy Strings; Scanning for Vasanas; Scanning for Samskaras
Chapter Ten: 147 Individual Mind and Ego; If It's Not Real, What Is It?; Development of the Individual Mind; Structure of the Individual Mind; The Ego; Structure of the Ego; Function of the Ego; Scanning the Ego
Part Three - Expanding Yourself
Chapter Eleven: 159 Structure of the Human Energy System; The Chakras; Collective Functions of the Chakras; The Chakras Within Personal Body Space; The Muladhara Chakra; The Svadhistana Chakra; The Manipura Chakra; The Anahata Chakra; The Visuddha Chakra; The Ajna Chakra; The Sahasrara Chakra; The Splenic Chakras; Activating the Splenic Chakras; Companion  Chakras; The First Pair; The Second Pair; The Third Pair; First and Seventh Chakras and Minor Energy Centers; First Pair Meditation; Second Pair Meditation; Third Pair Meditation

Chapter Twelve: 183 Meridians and Minor Energy Centers; Structure of the Meridians; Function of the Meridians; The Ruling Meridians ; Yin Yu and Yang Yu Meditations; The Chao Yang-Chao Yin Meditation; Minor Energy Centers; Pressure Meditation
Chapter Thirteen: 197 Structure and Function of Chakras Outside Body Space; Structure and Funcof the Higher and Lower Chakras; Chakras Eight through Thirteen; Moving Beyond the Seventh Chakra; Exercise: Connecting Will, Love, and Pleasure; Activating the Eighth through Thirteenth Chakras; Activating the Lower Chakras; Activating the First Three Chakras Below Body Space; Actithe First Seven Chakras Below Personal Body Space
Part Four - Overcoming the Non-Self
Chapter Fourteen: 211 The Amazing Aprana; Structure and Function of the Aprana; Activating the Aprana; Activating the Aprana on the First Seven Dimensions; Selectively Activating the Aprana; Releasing Karmic Energy
Chapter Fifteen: 225 Releasing Personas; Projected Personas; Dominant and Subordinate Per; Releasing Personas; The Seven-Step Process; Awareness; Acceptance; Enjoyment; Identification; Becoming a Persona; Permission; Finding a Perto Release; Releasing a Persona
Chapter Sixteen: 239 Energy Bodies and Corresponding Vehicles; Energy Bodies; Bodies of Desire; World of the Chakras; Functions and Aspects of Mind; Splenic Bod; The Function of Energy Bodies and Energetic Vehicles; The Spirit; the Intellect; The Soul; Bodies of Desire; Splenic Bodies; Chakra Bodies; Funcand Aspects of Mind; Disruption of the Energy Bodies and CorreVehicles; Projections; Stress; Shock; Trauma

Chapter Seventeen: 257  The Ejection and Recollection of Energy Bodies; Fragmentation; Preparafor the Recollection of an Energy Body;What Are Intrusions?; Symptoms of Intrusions; Structure and Behavior of Intrusions; Scanning for Intrusions; Removing Intrusions; Isolating Intrusions; Recollecting, Cleansing and ReinteEnergy Bodies; Recollecting Energy Bodies and Energetic Vehicles; Cleansing Energy Bodies and Energetic Vehicles; Reintegrating Your Energy Bodies and Energetic Vehicles

Chapter Eighteen: 271 Giving Up the I Idea; It's Your Choice; From Friendship to Union

Glossary: 277
Index: 298

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