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Elements of Witchcraft
Elements of Witchcraft
Natural Magick for Teens

By: Ellen Dugan
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738703930
English  |  288 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: May 2003
Price: $14.95 US,  $22.95 CAN
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Product Summary
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Table of Contents
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Acknowledgments • xiii
Introduction: A Day in the Life of a Teen Witch • xv

I The Nature of Magick

1 A Witch's Introduction to Natural Magick . . . 3
The Tradition of Witchcraft, 6
The God and the Goddess-Who Are They? 7
How Do I Get Started? 9
Dawn Healing Ritual, 10
The Most Powerful Tool in Magick, 11
The Basics of Magick, 12
Step Number One: Raising and Releasing Personal Power, 14
Step Number Two: Positive Intentions, 15
Are Witches Really Weird, Or Do They Just Dress That Way? 16
The Road to Discovery, 17

2 Ethics: Rule of Three . . . 19
Dabbling: Don't Go There, 20
Lesson Number One: Love Spells Are More Trouble Than They're Worth, 21
Lesson Number Two: Working Magick for Another? Get Permission, 25
Lesson Number Three: Defend? Yes. Attack? No, 27
Blue Shield of Fire Visualization, 28
Lovely Lemon Ring Spell, 30
Lesson Number Four: Never Perform Magick
When You Are Sick or Angry, 32
Cunningham's Magickal Principles, 33
A Place for Your Thoughts, 34

II The Elements of Nature

3 The Element of Earth . . . 41
Earth Meditation, 42
Earth Correspondence Chart, 48
The Earth Mother Goddess, 49
A Little Information on the Earth Elementals, 51
Crystals and Stone Magick, 51
Crystals and Semiprecious Stones, 53
Spells and Stones, 54
Protection and Balance Spell, 54
Prosperity Spell, 56
Drawing Friendship Spell, 58

4 The Element of Air . . . 61
Air Meditation, 61
Air Correspondence Chart, 68
A Little Information on the Air Elementals, 69
Incense: A Little Goes a Long Way, 70
The Magick of Music, 71
Wind Chime Magick. 73
Bees, Butterflies, and Ladybugs, 73
Feather Magick, 76
Birds and Their Magickal Correspondences, 77
contents viii

5 The Element of Fire . . . 79
Fire Meditation, 79
Fire Correspondence Chart, 85
A Little Information on the Fire Elementals, 86
Candle Magick, 87
Colors and Candle Magick: Magickal Candle Color Correspondences, 88
Common Cents Candle Magick, 89
Witch's Dozen of Scented Votive Candles, 91
Candle Spells, 92
Focus and Study Spell, 93
Healing Spell, 94
Dragon Protection Spell, 96
No Candles? No Problem, 98

6 The Element of Water . . . 101
Water Meditation, 103
Water Correspondence Chart, 109
A Little Information on the Water Elementals, 110
Communicating with the Water Spirits, 111
Scrying in Water, 114
Three Flowers in a Fountain Spell, 116
Honoring Your Favorite Element, 117
A Place for Your Thoughts on the Elements, 119

III Looking Deeper into Natural Magick

7 The Magick of Flowers and Trees . . . 125
Working with Flowers in Magick, 127
Colors and Flower Magick, 128
contents ix
Easy-to-Find Magickal Flowers, 128
The Garden Witch's List of Common Magickal Flowers, 129
The "Moving On" Spell, 131
The Mystic Language of Trees, 137
Communicating with the Spirit of a Tree, 137
Love Those Leaves, 139
The Foliage of Trees and Their Magickal Messages, 139
Creating Your Own Foliage and Floral Spells, 141
Flower and Foliage Spell Worksheet, 142
Flora and the Green Man, 143

8 The God, the Goddess, and the Magickal Year, 145
The Triple Goddess, 147
A Triple Goddess Ritual, 149
The God: The Earth Father, 151
A God Ritual, 152
The Wheel of the Year, 155
The Witches' Holidays: The Eight Sabbats, 157
The Lesser Sabbats: The Equinoxes and the Solstices, 158
The Greater Sabbats: The Fire Festivals, 160
A Teen Samhain Ritual, 165
Hitting the Books, 166

9 Four Tools, Four Elements . . . 169
Tools of the Trade, 171
Thirteen Trees and Their Magickal Properties, 175
Blessing and Consecrating Your Tools, 178
A Tool Consecration Ritual, 179
Magickal Work Spaces and Altars, 181
contents x

IV Walking the Path of Natural Magick

10 Properly Prepared . . . 187
Circle Casting 101, 191
Working Within a Circle: Why, How, and When? 192
A Teen Witch's Elemental Circle Casting, 193
A Teen Witch's Elemental Magick, 195
Coming Full Circle, 197
Outdoor Sacred Spaces, 198
Consecrating Your Outdoor Space: A Ritual Outline, 199

11 Lessons Learned on Living a Magickal Life . . . 201
Shades of Gray, 203
A Lesson from the Shadow Side, 204
Natural Magick Solutions, 207
Natural Magick Quickies for Emergencies, 210
Tempest in a Tealight, 210
Spice Rack Sorcery, 211
Spicy Charm Bag Ideas, 212
Kat's Freezer Bag Magick, 216
contents xi

12 A Natural Witch . . . 219
The Witch's Pyramid, 220
Teen Witch Test, 225
The Dedicant and a Year and a Day, 226
A Dedication Ceremony, 228
Wicca 101, 231
Teen Witches and the Future, 234
Walking Your Path, 236
Glossary, 237
Bibliography, 243
Index, 247
contents xii

As a mother who also happens to be a witch, it's not always easy to live up to my own standards. I want to shine with peace, love, and contentment, to feel my best and be in the moment each and every minute of each and every day—and at that, I sometimes fail miserably. It's hard to not drown in the chaos that builds from accumulated stresses... read this article
The Politics of Divinity
Altar Design: Drafting the Plans for Manifestation
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