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Mastering Astral Projection
90-day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience

By: Robert Bruce, Brian Mercer
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738704678
English  |  504 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
CD included
Pub Date: November 2004
Price: $26.99 US,  $30.95 CAN
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Product Summary
In-depth Description
Table of Contents
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Acknowledgments xv
Preface xvii

Introduction: Preliminary Instructions for the Ninety-Day Program 1
How the Ninety-Day Program Develops 4
What to Expect in Part 1 5


Week 1: Flexing Your Astral Muscles 9
What to Expect 9
Setting up Your Meditation Space 9
Learning to Relax 11
Breathwork: Breath Awareness 12
Stimulating the Energy Body 12
Preparing for Energy Work 13
Your Dream Journal 14
Daily Affirmations 16
About the BrainWave Generator 17
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 01: Relaxation” 18
Week 1 Daily Pages 20
Before Moving On 41

Week 2: Manipulating the Energy Body 43
What to Expect 43
Energy Body Development 44
Setting the Stage for an OBE 45
What Happens During a Projection 47
The Projection Process 50
Transferring Consciousness and How Shadow Memory Works 53
Preparing for the First Inner-Body Projection (Part 1 of the Program) 55
Breathwork: Deepening the Breath 55
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 02: Relaxation (Deep)” 56
Week 2 Daily Pages 57
Before Moving On 75

Week 3: Mind Taming 77
What to Expect 77
Raising and Storing Energy 77
Clearing Your Mind 79
Taming the Mind 81
Developing Lucid Dream Objectives 82
Breathwork: Cloud Breathing 85
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 03:Meditation” 85
Week 3 Daily Pages 88
Before Moving On 107

Week 4: Primary Centers and Their OBE Connection 109
What to Expect 109
Raising Energy Before Bedtime 109
Primary Center Stimulation 110
Mapping and Stimulating Primary Energy Centers 111
Primary Center Stimulation Notes 114
Overcoming Energy Stimulation Side Effects 115
Rousing Dormant Primary Centers 118
Final Word on Primary Center Stimulation 119
Additional Body Awareness Actions 119
Breathwork: Expanding the Breath 119
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 04:Meditation (Primary Center
Stimulation)” 120
Week 4 Daily Pages 121
Before Moving On 143

Week 5: Trance Practice 145
What to Expect 145
Trance Work 145
Trance States 146
Trance Preparation 148
Trance Hurdles and Ways Around, Over, or Through Them 150
Trance Practice: Using Slight Discomfort for Altered-State Conditioning 156
Additional Methods for Slight Discomfort 159
Breathwork: Valving the Breath 160
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 05: Trance Meditation” 160
Week 5 Daily Pages 162
Before Moving On 183

Week 6: Loosening up the Energy Body 185
What to Expect 185
Preparing for an OBE 185
The OBE Walk-through: Rehearsing Your First Projection Experience 186
Planning Your First OBE 187
OBE Walk-through Example 189
Brow Center Trigger 190
Projectable Double Loosening 191
Responding to Spontaneous OBEs 191
Grounding Cords and Conscious-Exit Projection 192
Preparing Your Meditation Space for OBE Practice 193
Breathwork: Pacing the Breath Cycle 194
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 06: Energy Body Loosening” 195
Week 6 Daily Pages 196
Before Moving On 218


Week 7: Anatomy of an OBE 221
What to Expect 221
A Step-by-Step Walk-through of the Exit 222
Reality Fluctuations 225
Returning to Your Body 226
Recalling Shadow Memories 227
Your OBE Journal 227
Breathing and the OBE 228
Using Brow Center Trigger to Cause Vibrations 230
The Preprojection Routine, from Relaxation to Body Loosening 230
Overview of Exit Techniques 231
Rolling-out OBE Exit Method 232
Important Things to Remember 233
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 07: Exit Training” 233
Week 7 Daily Pages 234
Before Moving On 251

Week 8: Overcoming Mental Blocks 253
What to Expect 253
Mental Barriers 253
Fear and Surprise: Facing the Unknown 253
Tips for Confronting Fears 255
Belief System Cleansing 262
Trying Too Hard 263
Where Your Attention Goes . . . 264
Prayer and the OBE 265
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 08: Exit Training” 265
Week 8 Daily Pages 266
Before Moving On 283

Week 9: Dreams and the OBE 285
What to Expect 285
Inevitable Questions 285
Mind-Split Review and the Model of Projection 286
Nightly Spontaneous Projection 288
Lucidity as a Function of Energy 289
Reality Fluctuations as They Relate to the Dream Mind 291
Making a Sleep Programming Recording 291
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 09: Exit Training” 293
Week 9 Daily Pages 294
Before Moving On 309

Week 10: Troubleshooting 311
What to Expect 311
Reassessing and Making Adjustments 311
Energy-Raising Problems 312
Primary Center Stimulation Problems 313
Relaxation Problems 313
Breathwork Problems 314
Brow Center Trigger 314
Mind-Taming Problems 315
Trance Problems 315
Body-Loosening and Exit Problems 317
Setting Achievable Goals 321
Ideal Conditions for Practicing the Exit 321
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 10: Exit Training” 323
Week 10 Daily Pages 324
Before Moving On 343

Week 11: Advanced Methods 345
What to Expect 345
Taking Those Last Few Steps 345
Fasting to Enhance Personal Energy Levels 346
Juice Fasting 346
Water Fasting 348
Fasting Tips 348
Substance Fasting Alternatives 349
Day-Long Meditation 349
Influencing Sleep Patterns to Effect Projection 351
Final Word on Advanced Methods 354
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 11: Exit Training” 355
Week 11 Daily Pages 356
Before Moving On 371

Week 12: After the Exit 373
What to Expect 373
A Quality Projection Experience 373
Strength and Vitality Issues 374
Reasoning Problems 374
Sight and Visual Complications 375
Body Magnetism 377
A Fearful Presence 377
Astral Feedback 378
Self-Hypnosis to Recall Shadow Memories 379
Self-Hypnosis Recording Script 379
Notes on Using Your Hypnosis Recording 382
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 12: Exit Training” 383
Week 12 Daily Pages 384
Before Moving On 403

Week 13: The Basics of OBE Navigation 405
What to Expect 405
Another Door Opens . . . 405
Astral Physics 406
Getting into the Real-Time Zone 407
Getting into the Astral 407
Astral Tubes 409
Projecting into Void 410
The Subconscious Mind, the Higher Self, and Astral Travel 410
The Astral Wind Phenomenon 413
Astral Sight and Projection 414
Developing Your Own Exit Techniques 414
Astral Transference:Mentally Projecting into the Astral 414
Optional: BrainWave Generator Preset “Week 13: Exit Training” 419
Week 13 Daily Pages 421
Where Do I Go from Here? 440

Afterword 443
Appendix A: Suggested Supplemental Reading List 445
Appendix B: BrainWave Generator Installation Guide and Tips 448
Appendix C: Dream Journal Template and Instructions 451
Appendix D: Projection Position Posture 453
Appendix E: Keys to a Successful OBE
by Laetitia M. Kimball 454
Appendix F: My OBE Successes
by Brian Mercer 462
Glossary 475
Bibliography 478
Index 479

I often hear people tell me that they ask for angelic guidance and they don't receive it. I believe the Angels are constantly speaking to us, but that we have to learn their language to understand what it is they are saying. Imagine for a minute that you are in Heaven and a loved one on earth is calling out to you for help. You rush to them with... read this article
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