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Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ
Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ
A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah

By: Tau Malachi
Series: Gnostic #2
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738705910
English  |  432 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: January 2005
Price: $24.99 US,  $28.95 CAN
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OneThe Kabbalah of Gnostic Christianity1
Purpose and Nature of the Kabbalah1
Three Branches of the Kabbalah3
The Ten Holy Sefirot and the Tree of Life4
The Olamot-Universes7
The Universe of Adam Kadmon9
The Universe of Atzilut12
The Universe of Beriyah13
The Universe of Yetzirah15
The Universe of Asiyah16
TwoAin Sof and the Soul of Light19
The Great Unmanifest19
The Soul of Light21
The Transmigrations of the Soul—Gilgulim27
ThreeThe Primordial Christos and Holy Sefirot29
A Prologue29
The Timeless Primordial and the Beginning29
Mystery of the Sefirot and Divine Incarnation30
Creation and Revelation33
FourKeter, the Holy Crown Which Is the Root35
The Holy Crown36
Free Will and the Principle of Uncertainty37
The Self That Is No-Self38The Being of the Becoming41
The Christ-Self and True Will44
The Face of Light47
The Initiate and the Great Angel49
The Angels of Grace and the Divine Gift52
The Beginning of Generation54
Non-Dual Gnostic Awareness56
Spiritual Practices for the Holy Crown59
FiveDa’at, the Secret Sefirah63
The Open Secret64
The Torah and the Gospel—Da’at66
The Foundation of Knowledge68
The Great Enigma7The Demon of the Abyss—The Angel of the Abyss7
The Play of Cosmic Forces75The True Knowledge of the Apocalypse—Revelation77
The Upper Room and Bridal Chamber81
The Secret Saint and the Secret Sefirah83
Spiritual Practices for Divine Knowledge84
SixHokmah, the Wisdom of Creation89
The Supernal Generator90
The Play of Force and Form—Transformation92
The Heavenly Father93
The Great Name of God95
A Proverbial Secret98
Radiant Breath, Word, and Wisdom99
The Divine Ideal of Magic101
Prophetic Consciousness102
Gradations of Divine Magic104
Radiant Wisdom in Creation106
Wheels within Wheels108
Spiritual Practices for Hokmah112
SevenBinah, the Depth of Understanding,
the Divine Intelligence117
The Radiant Darkness118
The Archetypal World—The World of Supernal Light120
The Pleroma—Divine Fullness121
The Supernal Mother and Shekinah123
The Faces of the Shekinah—Our Divine Mother126
The Image of the Divine Mother—
Crown, Throne, and Kingdom129
The Holy Virgin—Mother Mary 131
Pistis Sophia—Faith Wisdom134
The Great Angel of Divine Intelligence—
The Remembrance of God135
Holy Thrones and Dominions138
The Holy Masters and the Temple of Light139
Spiritual Practices for Binah141
EightHesed, the Mercy and Bright Blessings of God145
The Supreme Mystery and Revelation of the Mystery147
The Face of God that Appears148
The Overwhelming Grace of God149
The Thirteen Attributes of Hesed-El151
The Nature of Righteousness153
Tzaddikim—Adepts and Masters of the Tradition155
The Tzaddik and the Disciple157
The Tzaddik and the Threefold Body of Melchizedek  158
The Great Angel of Rainbow Glory—Giver of All Blessings  160
The Speaking-Silences162
Spiritual Practices for Hesed163
NineGevurah, Power, the Dark Face of God167
The Self-Restraint of God and the Human One169
The Awesome Power of God170
The Nature of Karma and Tikkune173
Three Visions175
The Ordeal of Power and Tikkune of the Soul177
The Love of the Lord and the Fear of the Lord179
The True Nature of Sacrifice182
The Patriarch and Matriarch of Gevurah184
The Purifying Fire of God185
The Adversary of God and Humanity186
The Angels of God’s Power and Glory187
Spiritual Practice for Gevurah189
TenTiferet, Divine Beauty and Sun of God191
The Pattern-That-Connects193
The Lord Your God—The Way of the Soul195
The Divine Life of Yeshua198
The Serpent and Savior—The Great Seth201
The Mystery of the Crucifixion and Resurrection203
The Bridegroom and Holy Bride205
The Holy Threefold Sanctuary—Outer, Inner, and Secret207
Wrestling with the Angel and the Grade of Lesser Adept211
The Healing Power of God214
The Messengers of God217
Spiritual Practices for Tiferet219
ElevenNetzach, the Divine Dominion223
The Hidden Realm of Action224
Everything According to Its Kind 228
The Work of Creation and the Work of the Divine Chariot 232
The Way of Divine Rapture233
The Fire Philosophers235
The Devekut of the Prophets and the Apostles of God237
Psalms, Prophecy, and Wonder-Working239
Nothing New Under the Sun241
The Creative Spirit, the Mystic, and the Artist243
The Divine Mother and the Nature Sphere244
The Divine Muse246
Principalities, Dominions, and Authorities249
Spiritual Practices for Netzach251
TwelveHod, the Splendor of God253
Relating with the Human One and God254
God and the Hosts of Creation259
Mental Being and the Thunder Mind262
Contemplation and Meditation—Conscious Evolution265
The Mage of Light and Magical Kabbalah268
The Great Angel of the Holy Mother and Messiah272
Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness274
Spiritual Practices for Hod277
ThirteenYesod, the Foundation of All281
The Foundation of Creation282
The One-Who-Lives286
The Delight of Dreams289
Dying, Death, and the Afterlife—The
Apocalypse of the Soul293
The Prophet of the Apostle of Light306
The Strength of the Almighty308
The Guardians and the Gates310
Spiritual Practices for Yesod312
FourteenMalkut, the Divine Kingdom317
The Holy Kingdom 319
The Presence of the Lord322
The Rainbow Veil324
The Life of St. Mary Magdalene—The Incarnation of
the Holy Bride326
The Bride’s Reception and the Second Coming335
The Black Bride—Sophia Nigrans337
The Doctrine of the Soul Mate342
The Community of the Elect—The Gnostic Circle345
The Living Temple 347
The Power of Prayer—Simple Magic348
The Great Ofan of the Faithful—The Shoe-Angel353
The Order of the Ashim—Souls of Fire354
The Zealous One356
Spiritual Practice Associated with Malkut357
Appendix I: Hebrew Table of Letters359
Appendix II: The Divine Names and Vibrations361
Appendix III: Chant Pronunciation367


Figure 1The Tree of Life5
Figure 2The Primordial Human Being11
Figure 3The Line of Light at the Center of Primordial Space30
Figure 4The Composite Tree of Life69
Figure 5The Sign of the Cross 125

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