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The Hand from A-Z
The Essentials of Palmistry

By: Judith Hipskind
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738707563
English  |  264 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: May 2005
Price: $20.95 US
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Product Summary
In-depth Description
Table of Contents
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Preface   …   ix
1The World of Hand Analysis   …   1
Complete system of analysis; The basics.

2What Does Palmistry Do?   …   7
The traits of a good palmist; The psychic approach; The "book" approach; The objective of fostering individual potential; Why palmistry works; The relationship between the brain and the hands; Medical research and palmistry.

3So You Want to Be a Palmist?   …   15
The need of a system; The temperament you should possess.

4Getting Started-The System to Use   …   19
The need to alleviate dread in the client; The art of asking questions; Case study showing question technique.

5Between the Fingertips   …   23
Spacing between all the fingers: Wide, narrow and moderate spaces; Spaces between the hands: wide, narrow, hands touching, hands symmetrically aligned; Permanence of traits; Arching of fingers; Counterpart traits; Comparing hands; Spacing between individual fingers: between index and middle finger, between middle and ring finger; between ring and little finger; Summary.

6More Signs from the Back of the Hand   …   31
Nails; Nail length and width; Nail shape; Nail color; Skin color and texture;
Knuckles: smooth and large.

7Resistance and Flexibility   …   41
Flexibility between fingers and palm; Flexibility in the fingertips. Comparing fingertips on each hand; Flexibility in the thumb; Stiff thumbs.

8Hands Up in the Air   …   47
The meanings of each of the fingers; Drooping and straight index fingers; middle fingers; ring fingers; The little finger; All fingers leaning forward or held straight; Fingers leaning to the sides; The lateral curve; The twisted finger.

9Divisions and Quadrants   …   55
The three zones: heaven, earth, and hell/superego, ego, id; Instinctual; Social; Mental; The quadrants: active-conscious, active-unconscious, conscious-passive, unconscious-passive.

10Shape and Formation of the Palm   …   61
Square palm; Spatulate; Round; Oblong; Thick hands; Thin hands; Hollow palms.

11Fingertips   …   69
Square fingertips; Round ("conic"); Spatulate; Determining shape; Tapered fingertips ("psychic").

12Finger Length and Meaning   …   75
Measuring the length of all the fingers; Short fingers; Long fingers; Thick and thin fingers; The three sections; The Jupiter finger: Bent; Average; Long; Short; Extreme length; The Saturn finger: Average; Long; Short; Apollo finger: Long; Short; Mercury finger: Long; Short; Thumb: Sections; Short thumb; Long; Thick thumb. Thick and thin tips; Thick and thin second sections; Clubbed thumbs; Flat thumbs; Supple and stiff thumbs.

13The Mounts of the Hands   …   93
Why the mounts are associated with talents and potential; The location of the mounts; Jupiter; A good mount; A flat mount,; An overdeveloped mount; Saturn: Highly developed; Flat; Apollo: Well-developed; Flat; Mercury: Good; Flat; Negative traits associated with the Mercury mount; Difference between mounts in
the active and passive zones; The Venus mount: Well-developed; Flat; Luna: Well-developed; Outward-curving; Bulges in the three sections; Luna and the unconscious; Mars: Developed upper Mars; Contrasting and equally developed mounts; The Plain of Mars; Neptune: Developed; Flat; Pluto: Overall mount

14Marking the Mounts and Lines   …   111
Marking the mounts: Vertical lines; Slanting lines; Grilles; Crosses; Squares;
Circles and stars; Marking the lines: Bars, crosses, dots, stars, triangles, squares; Depth of line; Chains; Tassels; Forking; Branching.

15The Life Line   …   119
What the life line shows; Basic vitality; The life line is not the death line; Health; Psychological traits and changes in lifestyle; General characteristics of the line; The wide arc; Narrow arc; The short line; The long line; Broken arc; Detour to Luna; Markings: Islands; Chains; Dots; Judging time on the life line; The 35-year mark; Necessity of dialogue in establishing timing; Bars on the life line; Crosses; St. Andrew's Cross; Breaks; Squares; Branches; Parallel lines; Line ending in a fork.

16The Heart Line   …   133
Compatibility analysis; Line ending under Jupiter; rising high under Jupiter; ending low; The medium short line; The short line; The Jupiter-middle finger fork; The Jupiter fork; The Saturn fork; Triple-forking; Branching at the beginning; Curving, straight, and wavy lines; Depth; Parallel lines; Chains;  Islands; Bars; Crosses; Dots; Breaks; Descending branches; Rising branches; Squares; Summary.

17The Head Line   …   147
Short head lines; Long head lines; Depth; Wavy, straight, and curved lines; Curve to Luna; Variations in the line's beginning, relative to the life line; "The lawyer's line"; "The writer's fork"; Triple-forking; The branch toward Mercury; Dots; Crosses; Islands; Bars; Squares; Summary.

18The Fate Line   …   159
What the fate line shows; A low start; Only in the bottom; To the head line; Shifting past the head line; Past the heart line; A high start; No fate line; Starting from Luna; from the center; from the life line; Timing events; Bars; Dots; Chains; Crosses; Squares; Breaks; The double fate line; Accompanying lines; "Influence" lines; Waviness; Changing depth.

19The Apollo and Mercury Lines   …   169
Apollo: Legacy lines; Starting low; Starting at Luna; Centered under Apollo; Starting after the head line; Two or more Apollo lines; Depth; Islands; Bars; Dots; Chains; Crosses; Breaks; Squares; Mercury: Breaks; Islands; Business
ability; Hunches and occult ability; The "intuition" crescent; Horizontal lines
on Mercury; Perpendicular lines.

20Interpreting the Whole Hand   …   177
Three studies based on the lines and mounts; One study based on signs from
the backs of the hands; A compatibility case study.

21Introduction to the Dictionary of Traits   …   181
Readers guide to the dictionary; Key to dictionary terms; How to use the dictionary; Enjoy using the dictionary.

Dictionary   …   193
Epilogue: Good Hands and Bad Hands   …   231
What is a good hand? Traits suggested in a good hand; How to deal with a "bad" hand; Palmistry's gift of support.

Appendix 1: Hand Print Analysis Examples … 233

Appendix 2: Note to Readers   …   243

Appendix 3: A Brief Guide for Further Study   …   247

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