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Natural Witchery
Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick

By: Ellen Dugan
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738709222
English  |  288 pages | 8 x 8 x 1 IN
Pub Date: June 2007
Price: $17.95 US,  $20.95 CAN
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Table of Contents
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Acknowledgments … xv
Introduction: A Natural Witch … xvii

Chapter 1

The Natural Witch and Intuition, 1
Intuition: what it is and why it is important … 3
Psychic abilities and the craft … 5
Psychic exercises … 7
Light up those chakras, 7
Receive psychic impressions as easy as 1-2-3, 11
Find the ace of spades, 11
Discovering your psychic abilities … 13
Clairaudient quiz, 13
Clairvoyant quiz, 14
Precognitive dreamer quiz, 15
Intuition or “prophetic knowing” quiz, 16
Empathy quiz, 17
Scoring the test … 18
Types of psychic abilities: how to incorporate them into your magick … 19
Clairvoyance, 21
Precognitive dreams, 22
Intuition, 23
Empathy, 23
Embracing your intuition … 26

Chapter 2

The Psychic Cycles of the Moon, 29
Drawing down the moon …31
The psychic and magickal moon phases …34
First quarter, 35
Second quarter, 36
Third quarter, 36
Fourth quarter, 37
Psychic spells for the four moon phases …37
First quarter moon spell, 38
Second quarter moon spell, 39
Third quarter moon spell, 39
Fourth quarter moon spell, 40
Enchanting lunar eclipses …41
Terms & types of lunar eclipses …43
The colors and magicks of a lunar eclipse …45
Magickal correspondences for the colors of a lunar eclipse …46
Lunar eclipse ritual to increase psychic talents …47
Bewitching blue moons …49
A blue moon spell for wisdom and intuition, 51
That magickal moon …52

Chapter 3

Personal Power, 55
Elemental personalities …57
Earth, 57
Air, 58
Fire, 59
Water, 61
Elemental strengths and challenges worksheet, 62
Personal power and elemental blocks …63
Elemental blocks—who, me? …64
Earth block, 65
Air block, 65
Fire block, 66
Water block, 67
Removing elemental blocks …67
A ritual to pull those elements back in line …69
Finding and raising power the natural way …71
Lessons learned …72
Practice makes perfect: an energy ball exercise to raise power and to focus your intuition …75
Trusting those first impressions …78
You’ve got personality …80

Chapter 4

Personal Magickal Development, 83
Everyday witchery …84
Sensing the energies of the seasons …85
Psychic energies of the seasons …87
Seasonal spells …88
Winter: intuitive spell for introspection, 91
Spring: intuitive spell for motivation, 91
Summer: intuitive spell for passion for your path, 92
Fall: intuitive spell for harvesting knowledge, 92
Closing the intuitive seasonal spells, 92
Sensing your own magick …93
Ethics: a personal decision …95
Manipulation: what it is and how to avoid it …96
Learning and growing in the craft …99

Chapter 5

Starting a Circle, 101
Circle or coven: what’s the difference? …102
Magickal friends are like family …104
Start with a study group …106
The next step in building a circle …108
Sensing energy in a group setting: a psychic group exercise …111
Visionaries, empaths, and intuitives, oh my! …113
If you want to build a successful circle, then get organized …115
Dedicating the group …119
Setup and supplies, 120
Ritual outline, 121
Ever the circle continues …123

Chapter 6

Practical Magick:
Living the Life of a Natural Witch, 125
Enchanting your environment …127
Suburban sorceress and country charm …129
Ritual of connection …131
How to deal with nonmagickal spouses, in-laws, and parents …132
The various scenarios you are likely to encounter, 133
Witch parents and their teens: are we having fun yet? …136

Chapter 7

Witchery at Work, 147
The job, the witch, and the wardrobe …148
Fascinating natural fabrics …154
Colorful clothing conjuration …155
Influencing the psychic atmosphere at work …157
Creating a psychic anchor, 158
Crafting psychic armor, 160
Witchy tricks and treats …161
A chocolate spell, 163
Mission: wicca impossible …164
Operation pink elephant …168
A prayer for religious tolerance, 171

Chapter 8

Spirituality and Personal Advancement, 173
Tending to our spirituality …174
Living the magick every day …176
A little natural witchery elemental homework, 177
A witch’s prayer …179
To honor the moon goddess, 181
To honor the god of nature, 181
A celebration of the magickal elements, 182
Finding the sacred in the ordinary, discovering the magick in the mundane …183
Daily dose of inspiration …186
The fifth element: spirit …189
Traveling the path of the mysteries …192

Book of Witchery, 197
Daily correspondences
The bewitching days of week, 198
Conjuring with color and light
Color and candle magick, 200
Practical candle magick
Tips, tricks, and creative ideas, 202
Lighting the candles and to snuff, to pinch, or to blow out . . . that is the question, 204
Scents and oils
Essential oils and their magickal properties, 208
A witch’s dozen of crystals & stones …212
Working with stone & crystal magick
Energies of stones: projective and receptive, 214
Stones: their colors & their magickal meanings …218
A witch’s dozen of magickal herbs …226
Flower fascinations from a-z …230
Herbal arts and witchcraft projects
Making wreaths, 234
An all-purpose spell for herbal wreaths, 238
Herbal beeswax candles, 240
How to make rolled herbal candles, 242
A charm to enchant your herbal candles, 242
Circle mechanics
Quarter calls and a circlecasting, 244

Spell worksheet …248

Bibliography, 251

Index, 257

Spring is a busy time for the hearth witch. It is time to prepare the ground, plant seeds, and gather the early flowers and greenery of the year for food, remedies, and magical use. As I look around, the woodland and hedgerow trees are hazed with green as the leaves begin to unfurl. The fields are scattered with a blaze of yellow flowers at this... read this article
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