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Sacred Land
Sacred Land
Intuitive Gardening for Personal, Political and Environmental Change

By: Clea Danaan
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738711461
English  |  288 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN
Pub Date: May 2007
Price: $15.95 US,  $17.50 CAN
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In-depth Description
Table of Contents
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Introduction,  ix

Goddess: Gaia,  x

Chapter 1:
Earth  1
The Sacred Soil,  2
Earth Ally: Microorganisms,Sacred Sister: Rebecca Dye,
Getting to Know the Soil,  3
Goddess: Demeter,  6
Soil Components,  7
Earth Ally: Worms,  9  10
Conscious Co-Creation,  12
Goddess: Pachamama,  14
Compost,  15
Additional Amendments,  20
Earth Ally: Arthropods,  23
 landscape architect,  26
Goddess: Pani,  29
Working the Soil,  30
Goddess: Cailleach Beara,  34
Earth Ally: Gnomes,  35
Where to Plant, and When,  36
The Moon,  39
The Labyrinth,  41
Goddess: Persephone,  44
Earth Magic:
Local Organic Gardening,  45
Sacred Sister: Cheryl  Rogowski, organic farmer,  52
Earth Resources,  54
Goddess: Isis,  58

Chapter 2
Air 57
 Who Is Breathing?  59
Air Meditation,  61
Planning the Garden,  62
Sacred Sister: Dorothy   MacLean, writer & psychic,  67
The Evolving Plan,  69
Goddess: Feng-Po,  72
Weather,  73
Gardening with the Planets,  76
Goddess: Seshat,  85
Air Ally: Bee,  86
Goddess: Melissa,  90
The Birds and the Bees,  91
Air Ally: Bird,  92
Goddess: Selene,  97
Air Ally: Bat,  98
Air Ally: Sylph,  100
Air Ally: Dragonfly,  101
Goddess: Aurora,  103
Air Ally: Butterfly,  104
Air Magic: Creating a Garden
 Community,  105
Sacred Sister: Judy Elliot,Director of Education and
Community Empowerment, Denver Urban Gardens,  110
Air Resources,  112

Chapter 3:
Fire  117
Goddess: Amaterasu,  118
The Sun,  119
Seeds,  122
Fire Ally: Salamander,  126
 Enhancing Fire Energy in the
Garden,  127
Fire Ally: Snake,  128
Goddess: Chantico,  131
Herbs,  132
Goddess: Airmid,  139
Gladstar, herbalist,  140
 Planting a Wild Garden,  143
Goddess: Goga,  146
The Wheel of the Year,  147
Garden Ritual,  160
Sacred Sister: Wangari  Maathai, activist,  164
Fire Meditation: Finding  Your Passion,  166
Fire Magic: Seed Saving,  169
 Fire Resources,  175

Chapter 4:
Water  179
The Living Sheath,  180
Water Meditation,  181
Water Allies: Undines & Naiads,  183
Goddess: Yemaya,  185
Water Meditation: Life
 Dreams,  186
The Ethic of Water,  189
 Our Relationship with Water, 192
Natural Pest Control,  194
Flow Forms: The Shape of  Water,  198
Goddess: Chalciuhtlicue,  201
Sacred Sister: Betsy Damon,  artist,  202
Goddess: Danu,  204
Water Ally: Fish,  205
Sacred Sister: Sandra Ingerman, healer,  206
 Transmutation,  208
Goddess: Anahita,  212
Water Ally: Turtle,  213
Water Ally: Frog,  214
Watering the Garden,  216
Water Magic in the Garden,  222
Sacred Sister: Starhawk, activist,  225
Water Magic: Manifesting Your Dreams,  227
 Water Resources,  231

Endnotes,  235

Appendix: Organic Gardening Associations
in the U.S. and Canada,  243

Sources,  247

Index,  255

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