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Mother Nature's Herbal
Mother Nature's Herbal
A Complete Guide for Experiencing the Beauty, Knowledge & Synergy of Everything That Grows

By: Judith Griffin
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738712567
English  |  432 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: May 2008
Price: $24.95 US,  $28.95 CAN
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Table of Contents
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List of Illustrations ... xiii

Preface to the Revised Edition ... xv

Introduction ... xxi

Section I:

A Cultural Herbal
1 / A Gardener's Almanac: A Walk in Moontime 3
Historical Uses of Herbs 7; The Language of Herbal Folklore 11
2 / The Roots of Mother Nature 17
Native American Ancestry 17; The Rhythm of the Corn Dance 18; The
Native American Path 20; The Path of the Healer 21; The Midewiwin and
the Grand Medicine Society 23; Midewiwin Tonics 24; Midewiwin Skincare
and Personal Hygiene 26; A Native American Herbal 28; Origins of Native
American Cuisine and Culture 34; Native American Teas and Beverages 42;
Native American Dye Plants 45
3 / Elixirs of the Jaguar People 49
Chac, the Mayan God of Rain 52; The Chosen People of Huitzilopochtli 54;
Mexican Cuisine 56; Cocina Costarriqueña: The Costa Rican Kitchen 61;
The Lords of the Andes 64; Pachamanca: Peruvian Earth Oven 66
4 / Seeds of Freedom 67
An American Colonial Kitchen Garden 68; A Colonial Herbal 69; American Colonial Remedies 75; North American Native Weeds 80; The Cooks of Freedom 85; An American Colonial Cookbook 90
5 / Medieval Knowledge of Simples 103
Medieval Medicine 105; A Medieval Herbal 106; Medieval Cuisine 115; Favorite Medieval Strewing Herbs 117; Symbolism of the Rosary 121
6 / Western Folk Wisdom 123
The Many Faces of Medical Herbalism 127; Pioneer Home Remedies of the 1800s 130; Mother Nature's Golden Rule 137; Western Tonics 137; Three Principles of Western Herbalism 138; Attunement 142; Preparing Western Tonics 143; Compresses to Complement Tonics 159
7 / The Land of 1,000 Flavors 161
A Mediterranean Herbal 162; Mediterranean Flavors 166; Arabic Herbal Remedies: "Toward the One" 171; Arabic Cuisine 174; Mediterranean Herbal Vegetarian Pleasures 177
8 / Ancient Healing of the Mystics 187
An East Indian Herbal 188; Traditional Ayurvedic Remedies 193; Traditional Ayurvedic Recipes 197; East Indian Beverages: Thanda Garam 203; The Curry Connection 206
9 / Oriental Secrets of Longevity 213
Inner Alchemy 214; A Chinese Herbal 218; Chinese Remedies 222; Chinese Cuisine 224; How to Brew Tea 231; The Blessings of a Chinese New Year: Tuan Nien 233

Section II:

Grow and Use Your Own Herbs

Herbs for Your Kitchen 295; Tea Time 296; Herb Butters 297; Herb Vinegars and Oils 298; No-Salt Herbal Blends 300; Herbal Scents for Honey 303; Herbs for Your Medicine Cabinet 304

13 / How to Use Essential Oils and Flower Essences 307

The Centers of Consciousness: Chakras 308; The Crown Chakra 310; The Visual Chakra 310; The Throat Chakra 311; The Heart Chakra 312; The Vital Energy Chakra 313; The Sacral Chakra 314; The Base of the Spine Chakra 315; The Unnamed Chakra 315; The Nature of Flower Essences and Essential Oils 316; How to Distill Essential Oils and Flower Essences 317; Essential Oils 318; Aromatherapy from Head to Toe: Herbal Skincare 320; Aromatherapy Applications 324; Aromatherapy for Pets 327

Epilogue: The Arms of Mother Nature 329

Section III:


: Growing Chart 335
: Origins of Old Roses 339
: A Guide to Nutrients 341
: Purchasing Guide 345
: Classification of Old Roses 347
Glossary ... 351
Bibliography ... 369
Acknowledgments ... 375
Index ... 377
Recipe Index ... 399
10 / How to Organically Grow Herbs 239
Amend the Soil 240; The Fine Art of Sowing Seed 241; Check the Roots
243; Begin Planting 243; Mulching 245; Hints about Compost 247; Tips on
Watering 249; Root Division 250; Cuttings 251; How to Feed Your Herbs
252; How to Feed the Bugs 253; Common Deficiencies: How to Spot the
Problem 254; What Herbs to Grow: A Beginner's Herbal 255
11 / Companion Planting and Landscaping 263
Advice on Pest Control 264; What's Eating Your Herbs? 265; Natural
Insecticides 267; Herbs that Repel Insects 269; Companion Herbs: Herbs
that Grow Well Together 271; How to Accent Your Landscape with Herbs
272; Theme Gardens for Herbs 275; Landscaping with Old Roses 286;
Healing from the Heart 290
12 / The Harvest: Mother Nature's Bounty 293


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