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Practical Guide to Astral Projection
Practical Guide to Astral Projection
The Out-of-Body Experience

By: Osborne Phillips, Melita Denning
Series: Practical Guide Series #3
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780875421810
English  |  216 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN
5 1/4"x8", illus, glossary
Pub Date: June 2001
Price: $13.99 US,  $15.95 CAN
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Table of Contents
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1 The Art of Living 1

What is astral projection? Its interest and value. Attractions of astral travel-at earth level, and "behind the scenes" in the astral world. Astral projection can change your life for the better. The art of living. How do you experience consciousness? Plan of the psyche: how its different parts interact, how to encourage that interaction. Take care of your lower self. Responsibilities of the rational mind. What the astral body is like. Introduction to the centers of activity, meeting places of the astral and physical levels.

2 You and Astral Projection 25

The three bodies: physical, astral, mental. How do we know anything? Dreams and astral projection. The vehicle of astral projection. "Out an' about." Four types of ejection of astral substance. The mind and the brain. How to store knowledge for use in astral travel. Questions answered: Can astral travelers get lost? Suppose they forget the time? What health requirements are there for astral projection? What if something evil attacks you in the astral world? What if your unconscious body is molested in the material world? Can astral travelers discover official secrets?

3 Astral Projection Is Natural 45

Astral projection is natural. Diet and mystical attainment. The need for physical exercise. Circulate that energy. Where will you practice? "Setting apart" the projection area. More about the centers of activity. The three postures. Rhythmic breathing. Formula One (energization of the centers). Color visualization for Formula One. What you gain from this formula. Causes and cure of "astral bleeding." Note on the solar plexus center.

4 Seeing and Knowing 71

Review of program so far. Mirror magick: "Good morning." How to eject and to recall astral substance. Shaping astral substance at will. Formula Two (the watcher). What shape shall the watcher have? Recall of the watcher. Value of the evidence gained. Self-training. Possibility of astral rebound. Times and seasons for astral work.

5 Soul Sculpture 95

Coping with old emotional hangups. Coping with new adjustments to the personal program. Some causes of disturbance: irrational aversions, skeptics, loss of energy. Energy: to give or not to give? How to prevent energy loss. How to give: a form of healing. Soul sculpture. When you do not need an occult technique. Ask for what you want. When self-help is needed: an alternative to hypnosis. Formula Three (the simulacrum). The bedtime tape. The dream diary. Some dreams that indicate progress.

6 Out of the Body 119

Reminder of formula of watcher and of simulacrum. What is helpful for general well-being is helpful for astral projection. More on the dream diary: a new bedtime tape, and projection-type dreams. Turning an involuntary projection dream into a willed experience. Practice in the imaginary projection of consciousness. The personal center of consciousness. Formula Four (willed projection of consciousness). How to proceed if successful, how to revise preparatory practices if not successful. Reeducating the lower self. Some material aids to projection.

7 Adventure in the Astral Worlds 141

The next step: growing familiarity with the astral world at earth level. Extra faculties. Freedom from physical disabilities. Valuable self-training for the handicapped. How much astral substance does your astral vehicle need? Giving healing in the astral vehicle. The elementals. How is our ascent limited? How we can be called upon to help the helpers. Astral travel for two: difficulties and advantages in learning. Astral masquerade. Astral sex. Advantages of astral sex experience in subsequent life. A word on general progress in personal development.

Appendix A 167

Two case histories showing the details of unusual astral projection situations.

Appendix B 179

Maintaining good health. Breathing correctly is essential.

Glossary 189

Sensitive people have gotten a bum rap. We live in a world that doesn't embrace the values of sensitivity, so we get told that we are weak, unusual, touchy, and hard to please. The sad truth is that we hear these messages in many ways throughout our lives. Even if it is from a well-meaning teacher or parent who tries to "toughen us up," the crux... read this article
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