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Spell Crafts
Creating Magical Objects

By: Scott Cunningham, David Harrington
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780875421858
English  |  216 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
5 1/4"x8", illus., photos, index
Pub Date: September 2002
Price: $15.99 US,  $18.50 CAN
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Product Summary
Publisher Reviews
Table of Contents
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Table of Contents
Preface to the Second Edition xiii
Preface xv
Introduction xvii
part one: beginnings
1 The Magic of Hands 3
Magical tools, union with spirit, laying on of hands, wearing of
rings, movement of natural energies, imbuing crafts with energy,
vehicles of power
2 The True Meaning of Craft 9
Crafts as divine revelation, link with spirituality, charms, religious
3 What Is Magic? 13
Goal of magic, working magic for others, magical energy, three
types of magical energy, spells and rituals, magical visualization,
rousing, programming, releasing, and directing energy, clockwise
motion, collection rituals, having a magical attitude, some basics
of magic
4 Empowering Your Crafts 27
Determine your magical need, the best craft and project to fulfill
needs, natural materials, gathering supplies, energizing and using
the project
part two: the ways
5 Magical, Simmering Potpourri 33
Using simmering potpourri to effect magical changes, love
simmering potpourri, money simmering potpourri, protective
simmering potpourri, purification simmering potpourri, psychic
simmering potpourri, magical power simmering potpourri
6 A Psychic Mandala 41
Magical jewelry, wampum, beaded psychic mandala
7 A Pentacle, Protective Plaque, Runic Dice 47
Uses and significance of clay, tools, procedures, money pentacle,
home protection plaque, employment plaque, divination dice,
8 Ojos and a Shaman’s Arrow 61
Divine symbolism, Huichol Indians, health and well-being, god’s
eye, shaman’s arrow
9 Sand Painting 69
Navaho shamans, materials for sand painting, sand painting for a
peaceful house, a healing sand painting, a prosperity sand painting
10 The Corn Mother 79
Reverence of grains, Yucatan, Plains Indian tribes, the Corn
Mother, making the Corn Mother
11 Tapers of Power 85
Fire making, magical significance of fire, magical uses of candles,
the wax, money candles, other types of spell candles
12 A Spell Broom 95
Uses of brooms, round brooms, purification broom
13 A Protective “Hex” Sign 101
Origin and magical properties of hex signs, Pennsylvania Dutch
hex signs, meanings of colors used in hex signs, hex sign designs,
creating a six-pointed star hex sign
14 Spell Banners 109
Spell banners as magical objects, creating the spell banner,
symbols for banners
15 Spell Bottles 115
Witch bottles, house protection spell bottle, money spell bottle,
love spell bottle
16 Flower Garlands 121
Flowers and plants as personal decoration, Hawaiian leis, a love
garland, a protective garland
17 A Prosperity Trivet 127
Mosaic decoration, ancient uses, mosaic trivet
18 Spell Potpourri 133
Historical uses of potpourri, finding the ingredients, storing the
potpourri, using the potpourri, replacing the potpourri, mixing the
potpourri, money potpourri, protection potpourri, love potpourri,
psychic potpourri, healing potpourri, courage potpourri
19 A Magic Mirror 139
Awakening psychic awareness, making a magic mirror, using a
magic mirror
20 Spell Boxes 145
Mystical properties, Pandora’s box, the box itself, preparing the box
for magic, the job spell box, a love spell box, a psychic spell box
21 The Powers of Wheat 155
Rituals of sacrifice and thanksgiving, Harvest Maiden or Corn
Mother, corn dollies, the materials and tools, preparing the
wheat, circles of power, health corn dolly (five-straw plait)
part three: the tables
Colors 169
Shells 172
Herbs 174
Stones 175
Feathers 176
Woods 178
Appendix: Mail-Order Sources of Craft Supplies 179
Glossary 183
Bibliography 189

Spring is a busy time for the hearth witch. It is time to prepare the ground, plant seeds, and gather the early flowers and greenery of the year for food, remedies, and magical use. As I look around, the woodland and hedgerow trees are hazed with green as the leaves begin to unfurl. The fields are scattered with a blaze of yellow flowers at this... read this article
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