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Practical Guide to Psychic Powers
Practical Guide to Psychic Powers
Awaken Your Sixth Sense

By: Osborne Phillips, Melita Denning
Series: Practical Guide Series #1
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780875421919
English  |  288 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN
5 1/4"x8", illus.
Pub Date: November 2000
Price: $13.99 US,  $15.95 CAN
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Product Summary
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Table of Contents
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1 Inspiration and Equipment 1
Your body and your psyche, how they act together and share activities. The "play" attitude for psychic development: getting your friends to join in for companionship and competition. Psychic development, a part of your natural development. Helping your body to help your psyche: diet, rest, exercise. The need for meditation. The Tabor Formulation, your daily meditation for psychic development, based on an early medieval Western mystical technique: posture, breathing, awareness, mantras. Your physical exercise and how to make it truly aerobic. Make your own equipment for your psychic development program: alternative designs for pendulum, ESP cards, vision mirror. Keeping the log.

2 Exploring Your Potential 27
Your attitude to life, an important factor in your psychic development program. The great enemies: boredom, stress, prolonged mental concentration. Don"t overtest: have fun! Your psychic abilities, manifestations of life seeking outward and inward contacts. Have real interests in the natural world and in the human world, and have peace within yourself. Initial tests with ESP cards, for the group and the individual. Using your pendulum for telekinesis, and for answering questions. The game of "Mind Painting," a fun test in projecting and perceiving imagined shapes. How to examine all test results for evidence of foreknowledge.

3 Psychic Abilities and Mechanisms 51
The psyche, a vast reality to explore. Two main subject areas: the action of the psyche upon matter, and the action of one psyche upon another. The four levels of human existence. The astral level, seat of psychic powers. "Reflection on the Psycho-physical Unity," a vital meditative process for you as an individual. How and when to perform it, its key aspects for reflection. Telekinesis and telepathy contrasted: two historic experiments. True nature of telekinesis. The game of "Guessing Dice," a famous gambling game adapted to bring out its psychic aspects even more strongly.

4 Insight and Foreknowledge 77
Different types of foreknowledge. Old Testament prophecy: "Saul among the prophets," escape from the dominance of rational consciousness. Source of prophetic knowledge: explanatory description of eight ways of knowing which bypass rational consciousness. Developing the prophetic faculty. Call-in, a game with ESP cards, to encourage prediction and telepathy. The vision mirror: practice in two stages to develop the faculty of scrying, and a group scrying game which is both testing and fun.

5 Astral Imprints 103
How do material objects have psychic impressions associated with them? What Dr. Taverner didn"t quite say about "the soul of the moonstone." "Haunted" objects. How to become aware of the impressions a material object has gathered: the art of psychometry. A method for this, and some pointers for practice alone and in groups.

6 The Spiritualist Approach 115
Reasons why communication by the discarnate can"t be proved: the still uncharted limits of the incarnate psyche"s powers. The spiritualist position. A plan for those who"d like to try sittings in the spiritualist manner. How to begin. Opening the circle. What trance is and what it feels like. Your spirit visitors, guides, and controls. Interplane activities: help received and given between the incarnate and discarnate. Raising energy in the circle: linked hands, incense, song, colored light. Some problem spirit visitors. Looking fairly at spiritualism. How mediumship works. A glance at the evidence. Spiritualism"s greatest strength: the verdict of the witnesses, the touchstone of mutual recognition.

7 A Search in Two Worlds 141
Dowsing, one of our most natural and yet to many people most baffling faculties. The key to the mystery in the astral level of the psyche and of the external universe. What the dowsers mean by "remanence" and its significance. The "unconscious muscular movement" theory of dowsing doesn"t match the facts. Types of dowsing instruments, their making and use. If dowsing is a "must" for you, begin by telling your astral being. Where and how to practice. Value of the "directive." Programming yourself for the quest. Signals from the dowsing instrument. How an experienced friend can help you. Pendulum dowsing, its unique features and uses.

Appendix A 185
Requirements and aids in testing. Know the test conditions of any other group you want to share results with. Making sure your group has all that"s needed for strict standards of ESP testing. Making a card-holder. Requirements for a test record sheet. The log-book. "Hazard level" and its meaning. Adapting the score sheet for pendulum test records.

Appendix B 193
Tabor Formulation. The use of this meditation by the group, at the opening of psychic development sessions.

Glossary 197
Definitions of psychological and psychic terms used in this book.

Record Sheets
Scrying Record 101
Seánce Record 140
Dowsing Record 184
Yes/No Questions Test Sheet 191
ESP Card Test Sheet 192
Log Book & Diary 196

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