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An Astrological Guide to Love & Intimacy

By: Bernie Ashman
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9781567180466
English  |  504 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: September 2000
Price: $21.99 US,  $24.99 CAN
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Table of Contents
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Introduction: The Field of Play  xiii
Part I: The Twelve Players1
Aries... 4
Taurus... 7
Gemini... 10
Cancer... 13
Leo... 16
Virgo... 19
Libra... 22
Scorpio... 26
Sagittarius... 30
Capricorn... 34
Aquarius... 38
Pisces... 42

Part II: Let the Games Begin... 47
Aries-Aries: The Dare-Devils... 52
Aries-Taurus: The Doers... 57
Aries-Gemini: The Movers and Shakers... 62
Aries-Cancer: The Initiators... 67
Aries-Leo: The Enthusiasts... 72
Aries-Virgo: The Energizers... 77
Aries-Libra: The Extroverts... 82
Aries-Scorpio: The Tenacious Ones... 87
Aries-Sagittarius: The Adventurers... 93
Aries-Capricorn: The Leaders... 98
Aries-Aquarius: The Eager Ones... 104
Aries-Pisces: The Imaginative Ones... 109
Taurus-Taurus: The Economizers... 114
Taurus-Gemini: The Enterprising Ones... 118
Taurus-Cancer: The Cautious Ones... 123
Taurus-Leo: The Make It Happen People... 128
Taurus-Virgo: The Planners... 133
Taurus-Libra: The Romantics... 137
Taurus-Scorpio: The Passionate Ones... 141
Taurus-Sagittarius: The Jolly Ones... 146
Taurus-Capricorn: The Builders... 151
Taurus-Aquarius: The Surprisers... 156
Taurus-Pisces: The Nature Lovers... 161
Gemini-Gemini: The Thinkers... 167
Gemini-Cancer: The Inquisitive Ones... 172
Gemini-Leo: The Entertainers... 178
Gemini-Virgo: The Scrutinizers... 183
Gemini-Libra: The Live Wires... 188
Gemini-Scorpio: The Detectives... 193
Gemini-Sagittarius: The Travelers... 198
Gemini-Capricorn: The Problem-Solvers... 204
Gemini-Aquarius: The Brainy Ones... 210
Gemini-Pisces: The Wishers and Hopers... 216
Cancer-Cancer: The Homebodies... 221
Cancer-Leo: The Industrious Ones... 227
Cancer-Virgo: The Thrifty Ones... 233
Cancer-Libra: The Plotters... 238
Cancer-Scorpio: The Secretive Ones... 243
Cancer-Sagittarius: The Restless Spirits... 248
Cancer-Capricorn: The Protective Ones... 253
Cancer-Aquarius: The Hot Wired Ones... 259
Cancer-Pisces: The Intuitive Ones... 265
Leo-Leo: The Directors... 271
Leo-Virgo: The Broadcasters... 276
Leo-Libra: The Socialites... 282
Leo-Scorpio: The Negotiators... 288
Leo-Sagittarius: The Confident Ones... 295
Leo-Capricorn: The Executives... 301
Leo-Aquarius: The Spark Plugs... 307
Leo-Pisces: The Actors... 313
Virgo-Virgo: The Organizers... 319
Virgo-Libra: The Allies... 324
Virgo-Scorpio: The Thorough Ones... 330
Virgo-Sagittarius: The Seekers... 336
Virgo-Capricorn: The Pragmatists... 342
Virgo-Aquarius: The Resourceful Ones... 347
Virgo-Pisces: The Perfectionists... 353
Libra-Libra: The Mixers... 359
Libra-Scorpio: The Calculators... 364
Libra-Sagittarius: The Gregarious Ones... 370
Libra-Capricorn: The Reliable Ones... 376
Libra-Aquarius: The Surprisers... 381
Libra-Pisces: The Romantics... 387
Scorpio-Scorpio: The Researchers... 393
Scorpio-Sagittarius: The Motivators... 398
Scorpio-Capricorn: The Power-Brokers... 404
Scorpio-Aquarius: The Determined Ones... 410
Scorpio-Pisces: The Mysterious Ones... 416
Sagittarius-Sagittarius: The Gypsies... 422
Sagittarius-Capricorn: The Ambassadors... 427
Sagittarius-Aquarius: The Freedom Seekers... 433
Sagittarius-Pisces: The Ideal Weavers... 439
Capricorn-Capricorn: The Strategists... 446
Capricorn-Aquarius: The Anticipators... 451
Capricorn-Pisces: The Conscientious Ones... 457
Aquarius-Aquarius: The Rebels... 463
Aquarius-Pisces: The Dazzlers... 468
Pisces-Pisces: The Dreamers... 474

Jupiter Sign rulership: Sagittarius Natural house: Ninth house of higher education, travel, principles, philosophy Significance: Where you can attract abundance and luck, where you're least cautious, where you want to gain knowledge and where you can benefit most from it Rules: Luck, legal matters, higher education, clergy, religion, obesity,... read this article
The Eight Phases of the Moon
Understanding the Moon Signs of Others
Interpreting Whole Sign and Out-of-Sign Aspects

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