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How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted
Complete Guide to Using Your Psychic Common Sense

By: Adrian Calabrese
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9781567181197
English  |  288 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: September 2000
Price: $17.99 US,  $20.95 CAN
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Acknowledgments ...
xiii Introduction ... xv

Part One: What It's All About

One Making It Happen...
Take a Good Look at You  
Flex Those Psychic Muscles  
Exercise 1: Assessing Your Psychic-Spiritual Development  
Questions, Questions, Questions  
Decide to Decide  
It's Your Turn  
Let's Get Physical
Exercise 2: Assess Your Talents and Abilities
Change Your Perspective  
Embrace Your Power  
A Question of Faith  
Good Timing  
A Friendly Word of Caution  
Above All, Say Thanks

Two Karma, Reincarnation, and Lessons...
Next Stop: Karma Mountain  
Here I Am-Again: Or, the Big Plan Fulfilled  
That Free Will Th i ng  
Learn Your Lessons Well  
Exercise 3: You and Your Karma, Part I-Self-Analysis  
Exercise 3: You and Your Karma, Part II-Relationship  
It's All in the Past

Part Two: How You Do It

Three Your Psychic Tune-Up...
Hey, You, Get Your Head in the Clouds!
Let's Get Started
Exercise 4: Personality Inventory Psychic Power Tools
Sharpening Your Psychic Power Tools
Tools of the Trade
Exercise 5: In with the Good Air...
Exercise 6: "Chill Out and Get In" Meditation
Exercise 7.- Now You See It...
Exercise 8: That Little Birdie in Your Ear
We Ain't Done Yet

Four Tapping Into Your Power...
Understand the Essence of Your Intention
Where Do We Begin?
Exercise 9: "at's My Essence?
Say It, See It, and Send It
Say It: Giving a Voice to Your Request
Creating the Message
Power Talk
Getting Down to Business
Exercise 10: Speak Your Truth-Writing Your Affirmations
Now What?

Five Giving What You Want a Face...
See It  
Unlock the Block  
Back to Business  
Exercise 11: Now You See It...  
Exercise 12: Paint Your Picture in Words  
Exercise 13: The Word's the Thing  
Outside Influences  
Exercise 14: Using Photos in Visualization
It's All in Clear View

Six Getting It Out There...
Your Personal Manifesting Style
Exercise 15: Thoughts of You
Your Unique Ritual
Your Place
Objects of Your Affection
Exercise 16. Sample Ritual Using Your Altar and Accouterments
More Questions
A Fitting Sendoff

Seven Getting Inside and Outside Help...
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Hello, Is Anybody There?
Angels Among Us
The Good Shepherd
Make a Date with an Angel
Exercise 17.- Angel Meditation
Calling All Angels
Spirit Guides
Roger Who?
Exercise 18: Spirit Guide Meditation  
Gulding Lights
Our Spiritual Family
Help Is on the Way

Eight Programming Your Success...
You Must Be Psychic!
Discover the Psychic Within  
Exercise 19: Grounding Meditation  
Exercise 20: Feeling Your Energy  
Exercise 21: Psychometry-We've Got the Whole  World in Our Hands!  
Exercise 22: Psychometry with Photographs  
Follow Your Dreams  
Exercise 23: Dream Programming, Week I  Exercise
24: Dream Programming, Week 2  Exercise
25: Dream Programming, Week 3  Exercise
26: Dream Work  
Hypnotizing Yourself  
Exercise 27. The Self-Hypnosis Technique  
Theory and Practice

Nine Listening to Your Intuition...
Creative Feeling  
Exercise 28: Getting to Know You  
For Fun and Profit  
Exercise 29: Develop Your Intuition  
Exercise 30: Choose the High Road  
Opening to Your Intuition  
Spiritual Intuition

Ten Six Steps to the Stars...
The Six Steps: Your Keys to Success
One More Time

Part Three: Pulling Out All the Stops

Eleven Using Everything You've Got...
So You're All Thumbs?
Crafty Advice
For the Experienced Artist
The Spiritual Artist in You

Twelve Being Grateful...
Gratitude Is a Magnet
The Universal Law of Circulation
Don't Give to Get
Contentment Breeds Power
Believe and Affirm

Thirteen Words for the Wise...
Preparation Affirmations
Manifesting Affirmations


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