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The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt
The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt
The Esoteric Wisdom Revealed

By: Rosemary Clark
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9781567181296
English  |  576 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: September 2000
Price: $29.95 US,  $34.95 CAN
$23.96 US,  $27.96 CAN On Sale!
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Table of Contents
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Illustrations ..................
Preface ........................
Acknowledgements .......
Introduction ...................
Sacred Names ..............
Prologue .......................

Chapter One, A Sacred Science
The Neteru, the "vital idea" of ancient Egypt. The character of the Egyptian mind and its perception of life and the environment. The Sacred Science, its human goal and function in ancient society.
Practicum: The Hermetic and Ceremonial Traditions, 20

Chapter Two, The Cosmology
The four cosmological schools and creation myths of Thebes, Hermopolis, Memphis, and Heliopolis. The ten cosmic families and the forty-two Neteru contained within the scheme. The Neteru as both cosmic principles and innate human powers.
Practicum: Attributes of the Dekans, Nomes, and the Neteru,

Chapter Three, A Sacred Astronomy
The philosophy and practices of astronomy and astrology in ancient Egypt. The scope of the "sky religion" and its impact on every aspect of Egyptian life. The Neteru of the Zodiac as a metaphor of the twelve sacred processes in nature.
Practicum: An Astrological Calendar of the Neteru,

Chapter Four, The Divine House
The temple as the house of the Neter and the embodiment of the universe. The components of ancient Architectonics. The Solar, Lunar, and Stellar temple traditions and their religious functions. The sacred mandates of these temple traditions as expressed at Karnak, Dendera, and Djoser's Pyramid Complex.
Practicum: Sacred Space and Ritual,

Chapter Five, The House of The Dead
Metaphysical ideas expressed in the literature of the Pyramid and Coffin Texts, and the Book of Going Forth. How the inter-relationship of human and divine life was maintained through the science of sacred anatomy. Mummification and the funerary tradition. Concepts of the inner/after life, reincarnation, and ancestral communication.
Practicum: Funerary Magic,

Chapter Six, The Masters of the Temple
The initiatory schools and the Mystery Tradition as recorded in ancient times. Moral and ethical training, temple literature. The acquisition and use of Sacred Science by members of the temple. Classes of priests, functions of the priestess. Clairvoyance, prophecy, and healing.
Practicum: Temple Ritual,

Chapter Seven, Initiation
The Egyptian concept of spiritual mastery and the elevated human being. The metaphysical view of magic, kingship, and personal power. Initiation as a process of "making gods." Reestablishing our bond with nature through the ancient wisdom.
Practicum: Three Initiatory Paths,

Appendix I
An Abbreviated Dynastic Chronology
Appendix II
Chronology of Egypt's Mystery Tradition

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