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LlewellynCon 2021

Join Us for Our Second Annual LlewellynCon, 10 Days of Author Talks, Giveaways, Swag, and More!
June 10, 2021 - June 19, 2021

Join us for our second annual LlewellynCon, 10 days of talks, presentations, and Q&As with some of your favorite authors, and don't forget to use the links to the left to enter our giveaways and sign up for your LlewellynCon 2021 decal sticker!

Visit us on Crowdcast to save your (free!) spot for the event, and bookmark this page to keep an eye on our schedule of author events and sign up for free goodies.

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Author Event Schedule

All presentation times noted below are Central (US).

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Thursday, June 10
Magical Strategies for Self-Love
11:00am - Shai Tubali
Your Chakra Personality Type and Self-Acceptance
Author of 7 Day Chakras
1:00pm - Laura Tempest Zakroff
Exploring the Anatomy of a Witch
3:00pm - Danae Moon Thorp
The Beauty of the Underworld and the Witch
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Friday, June 11
Ozark Witches, Past and Present
Finding Magic in Nature
1:00pm - Elliot Adam
Tarot in Love
Author of Fearless Tarot
Meditation Made Easy: 5-Minute Daily Practices for Balance Within
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Saturday, June 12
9:00am - Jaymi Elford
Tarot and Goal Manifestation
11:00am - Melanie Barnum
Using Your Intuition at Work: Getting Ahead While Using Your Gut Instincts
Using Witchcraft to Heal from Trauma
Tarot Reversals: Making Sense of an Upside-Down World
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Sunday, June 13
9:00am - Jolie DeMarco
How to Meditate with Crystals: Simple Ways to Change Your Life
11:00am - Elisa Donovan
How Connection to Loved Ones In Spirit Help Us Heal and Process Grief
1:00pm - RJ Spina
What the Ego Really Is and How It Is Formed
Stoned!: An Introduction to Crystal Healing
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Monday, June 14
Practical Appalachian Magic Techniques
Is Magic Spirit-Based, or Is It "All in Your Head?"
1:00pm - Opal Luna
Fiber Magick Crochet 101
Author of Fiber Magick
3:00pm - Deborah Blake
Book of Shadows: Using One and Making It Your Own
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Tuesday, June 15
9:00am - Jack Chanek
An Introduction to the Tree of Life
11:00am - Tara Sanchez
Brownies, Bannicks, Bogarts & Boggarts: Cultivating a Relationship with Domestic Fae
Why Can't People Just Mind Their Own Energy?
3:00pm - Anodea Judith
Chakras as a Map for Awakening Our World
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Wednesday, June 16
9:00am - Tara Aal
Working with Your Birth Moon Phase: It's Equally Important as Your Sun, Moon, & Rising Sign
Activating the Third Eye: Ways to Align with the Sixth Chakra
1:00pm - Angela A. Wix
Effectively Receive & Understand the Psychic Messages That Are Coming Your Way
3:00pm - Astrea Taylor
Air Magic: The Magic in the Air All Around Us
Author of Air Magic
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Thursday, June 17
9:00am - Thorn Mooney
Spiritual Burnout: Falling Back in Love with Your Magic
11:00am - JD Walker
The Dark Side of Herbal Magick: When Does White Magick Fade to Black?

Ghosts or Energy: The Science of the Paranormal
3:00pm - Jason Mankey
The Horned They: The Horned God is Not Just a Guy
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Friday, June 18
9:00am - Tomás Prower
Mama Muerte: A Reverential Glimpse into the Cult of La Santa Muerte
Author of La Santa Muerte
11:00am - Lilith Dorsey
Sacred Baths and Washes of Water Magic
Author of Water Magic
1:00pm - Diana Rajchel
Hex Twisting: Quick Counter-Spells to Practice on the Fly
Author of Hex Twisting
How Modern Witchcraft Influenced American Movies
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Saturday, June 19
A Hoodoo's Celebration of Juneteenth
11:00am - Tudorbeth
Everyday Hedgewitchery
1:00pm - Pamela Chen
Crystal Abundance Spell: Collapse Time and Quantum Manifest Your Desires
Planning Your Day By the Moon
Author of Silver's Spells
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