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Blended Horoscopes:
A Guide to Composite Charts

by Isabelle Ghaneh - Astro Update - Blended Horoscopes: A Guide to Composite Charts - February/March 2008

Man is a knot into which relationships are tied, according to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a Sun Sign Cancer and the author of The Little Prince, a well loved book about the nature of love and relationship connections (among other things). It's true that most of us, though certainly not all of us, need to connect with someone. That connection may come with a family member, with a friend or lover, with a belief in a religious system, or with a strong connection to a cause or ideal.

When you connect with someone, it's only natural that you are going to produce a certain energy between the two of you. That applies to your interaction no matter with whom you are dealing, whether in a positive or a challenged relationship. You have many relationships in your life, and the energy you have and feel in each one is different than the next.

If you have ever been involved with someone romantically, you know that there were some attractions you had that swept you off your feet, and some that were more placid in nature. Some couples produce a lot of chemistry together, and have a sparkle and oomph that happen between them when they are together. It's electric, and you can almost feel it in the air. Some couples exude a sense of togetherness, and a calm, quiet, and loving domesticity when they are together. After many years of being in a long partnership, some couples begin to blend together and become almost one entity.

That is because together they produce a composite energy of their interaction, and their relationship itself has become an entity. This is a force that can be charted astrologically, the same way an individual's life, or an event (as when a wedding or business opening occurs) can be charted.

This is called a composite chart, and it applies to every relationship you have, whether it's a one-night stand, an unrequited love, or a long-term partnership. It applies to you and your mom and to and your dad, to you and your favorite aunt, and to you and your mentor. Coworkers, bosses, and neighbors produce energy with you, as do of course friends and acquaintances.

So what is a blended or composite chart, and how do you obtain one? First, you already know that a composite chart is a chart of the relationship that exists between two people. Now for the tricky part.

A composite chart is composed by taking the midpoints of the combination of the two people's corresponding planets. That sounds complex, but it's not. For an example, each sign of the zodiac is composed of 30 degrees, and they continue on with each succeeding sign of the zodiac. So for the purposes of a composite chart you take the whole numbers of the signs and add them up.

Aries is 0-29, Taurus is 30-59, Gemini is 60-89, Cancer is 90-119, Leo is 120-149, Virgo is 150-179, Libra is 180-209, Scorpio is 210-239, Sagittarius is 240-269, Capricorn is 270-299, Aquarius is 300-329, and Pisces is 330-359.

For example, if your Sun is at 16 degrees of Aries your Sun number is 16 degrees. If your partner, friend, coworker, next door neighbor or high school art teacher's Sun is at Sagittarius of 12 degrees, that translates into a mathematical number of 252 degrees. Add the two of them together, 16 + 252 = 268 and divide by 2, which equals 134. That means that the midpoint of your Sun and the Sun of the person you are in a relationship with is at 14 degrees of Leo. That is the Sun of the composite relationship chart you share, and it is the placement of the Sun for your composite analysis.

You can do the same for all the planets: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, and the North Node. You can do it for your combined Ascendants (if you have the time of birth for each of you), and for the Midheaven, the Tenth House. Once you calculate all the above, you have a very detailed chart of the relationship you share with the person in question.

You can obtain the degrees of the planets, which you can get from an astrological ephemeris, and which lists the daily movements of the planets, either online via the Internet, through a search engine site by typing in "ephemeris astrological listings," through requesting an ephemeris through your local library, or buying one at a bookstore.

You can obtain the degrees of the planets, which you can get from an astrological ephemeris, and which lists the daily movements of the planets, either online via the Internet, through a search engine site by typing in "ephemeris astrological listings," through requesting an ephemeris through your local library, or buying one at a bookstore.

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Cadent houses in the birth chart (3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th) are said to be less forceful; planets placed in these houses may operate on a more mental or detached level.

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