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Energetic Aries - Astro Update - Energetic Aries

The vernal equinox has come and gone. Winter feels like it's a million miles away (at least, for those of us who reside south of Minnesota). With the influx of spring, our energies are high, and everyone is ready for warm weather. The energy of Aries is all around us.

When we think of characteristics of the sign of Aries, words like 'adventurous,' 'independent,' 'enthusiastic,' and 'courageous' come to mind. All of these words can be associated with the lively spirit of spring. We can't wait to get on our bikes, set off on a road trip, join a sports team, or start a new project.

As much as there are positive qualities to Aries' initiative and passion, there must be a negative yin to its positive yang. If we aren't careful with this fiery energy, we can express the negative qualities of impatience, irritability, unnecessary stubbornness, and aggression.

Aries rules the first house in the natural chart, and is a Cardinal sign. The Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer are all great initiators. They are enthusiastic about new ideas and dive right into their projects. The first house is an angular house position, meaning 'initiative,' 'reality,' and 'action.' The first house signifies your personality and the initial impression you make on others. The sign on your first house cusp usually signifies what your Ascendant sign is.

Even if you don't have any planets in your 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th houses, we all have Cardinal signs on house cusps. Just locate the sign and house position of a Cardinal sign to see where in your life you should take action. For instance, I have Aries on my first house cusp, with no planets present. Since Mars is the planet ruling Aries, I have a strong Mars energy that predominates my entire chart. Others might initially view me as outgoing, straightforward, opinionated, or stubborn. I also have Capricorn on my 10th house cusp, providing a home for Mercury. The action I should take in my life would be career-oriented with a focus on communications.

During this time of year, you might feel like your focus is more on yourself, your individuality, and your purpose. These are all very much Arian traits. If we don't use the energy of Aries in moderation, we run the risk of trampling on other's feelings with the direct and frank Arian style of communication. We might also alienate those we love with so much emphasis on our own needs. This is where Libra, the opposite sign of Aries, can help. Libra is the sign of diplomacy, relationships, and charm. Librans exude style, elegance, and grace. They are naturals when it comes to skilled and measured communication, and are usually very even-tempered. If you have Libra as your Rising Sign, the world probably views you in these ways. We can emulate characteristics of Libra to help soften the upbeat and sometimes abrasive energy of Aries that is pervading the current astrological climate.

The energy of Aries can help us start our spring projects, or infuse us with enough passion to follow-through in our hobbies or careers. We can see a strong Aries influence in the charts of many actors, musicians, artists, and politicians who have used their passions to fuel their careers. Johann Sebastian Bach's Sun and Ascendant were in Aries; Maya Angelou has her Sun and Jupiter in Aries. Ashley Judd has her Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in Aries; Al Gore has his Sun and Midheaven in Aries; and Italian Renaissance painter Raphael Sanzio had his Sun, Moon, and Venus in Aries.

Utilize the powerful energy of Aries to drive your passions, whether in the arts or in business. Make the most of the current energy climate to initiate a project or to follow through in an ongoing one. Look to your natal chart and locate the signs and houses that correspond to the areas in your life where you should take action. Look to the qualities of the sign of Libra to balance your energy if your fiery desires and ambitions are too strong for your companions to handle. All in all, it is an exciting time of year where our plans and dreams can become reality.

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Aries is the initiator, displaying independence, courage, and the leadership necessary to get things started. The Cardinal Fire sign of the zodiac, Aries has everything to do with movement, and is uncomfortable standing in one place for too long. Ruled by Mars, Aries is strongly self-directed, and can be highly impetuous and abrasive, sometimes showing a rash or careless approach to issues. Symbolized by the Ram, Aries tends toward headstrong, "me-first" expression.

The sign opposite the sign of rulership. This is a sign where the planet's energy requires effort in order to be successful.

The nodes are mathematical points that represent where the orbit of the Moon around the Earth crosses the ecliptic (which is the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth). - Astro Update - Readers' Top Picks - April/May 2008

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