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Summer of Love - Astro Update - Summer of Love

We kicked-off July with the New Moon in Cancer on July 2nd, making this the perfect month to begin new projects at home and deepen our connections to family and friends. As Cancer is the sign of all things domestic, this is an excellent time to host that dinner party you've been dreaming about or get going on the woodworking project you've set aside. The energy in the air is likely to provide an environment conducive to forming closer bonds with your loved ones and opening channels of support and affection. If you have anything on your mind you need to communicate or any issues waiting to be addressed, this is the time to clear the air.

If fireworks are what you are seeking this July, be careful what you wish for. You might experience more heat than you originally bargained for—in an arduous sense or as a deep disagreement in your partnership. With Venus in Cancer opposing Jupiter in Capricorn on July 3rd, we begin the month with an air of self-indulgence. Excessiveness is the expression of the day. Carnal pleasures, rich foods, and expensive wines can be very gratifying at this time, but be certain to temper your desires, lest you drown yourself in satisfaction, blinded to the world around you. Have you been neglecting your partner lately? This aspect will not help patch-up any lingering issues. To help balance this opposition, make sure to focus a bit more energy on your partner's needs. Practice the art of fine-tuning your listening skills and tone down presumptuousness.

A tight conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Virgo occurs on July 10th, and is the most intense Mars-Saturn conjunction until the year 2022. To top it all off, this heavy aspect forms a trine to Pluto in Sagittarius and a sextile to a Sun conjoin Venus in Cancer. This provides great staying power to any long-term relationship. This is an auspicious time for any big, life-changing decisions you will make as a partnership. If you are seeking to fine tune shaky dynamics, you and your partner will have the energy and wherewithal for successful accomplishment. At month's close, Venus in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius. Could an ideal relationship that flowered mid-May be causing you some disillusionment now? Take advantage of the potential for positive communication as the Sun conjoins Mercury in Leo on the 29th.

August starts off hot and steamy and ends on a similar note. Not only is the Sun in Leo, the sign of passion, ardor, and intensity, but Venus in Leo makes a sexy fire trine to Pluto in Sagittarius on August 5th. Your existing love affair is likely to reach new heights of desire, love, and warmth, and you could experience a new phoenix rising from the ashes of your former lustful interactions.

Aside from the extreme planetary polarity of August, by mid-month, there will be plenty of love and lust to go around. With Venus in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn on August 17th, you might find a budding romance suddenly in full, earthy bloom. The Sun in Leo trines Pluto in Sagittarius on August 21st, and this only adds to the power of our yearnings. Have you been fantasizing about that sultry tryst? As they say, strike while the iron is hot. And what better time of the year can you expect your lover to worship you in a sea of adoration than when the Sun is in royal and radiant Leo. Just be sure to avoid the frigid Venus-Saturn conjunction stalemate on August 13th.

As August comes to a close, our collective egos risk a bruising as Venus, the planet of love, makes a square to transformative and intense Pluto on the 29th. If you have to reject a potential paramour, go lightly. Also, if you are on the receiving end of unrequited lust, brush it off and move on. It's not worth turning into an emotional Mt. St. Helens during this powerful aspect. Watch your tongue, and don't fly off the deep end if your lover doles out more than a few edgy quips in your direction, as Mercury, the messenger and planet of communication, squares fierce Pluto on August 28th.

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(144 degrees)—Planets separate by two-fifths of the zodiac indicate the quality of inborn talents.

A classical astrology term used to indicate comfort or standing of a planet in a particular sign.

(150 degrees)—Planets five signs apart indicate the nature of adjustments the individual will be required to make.

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