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Cosmic Upheaval
by Isabelle Ghaneh

What roles do the celestial archtypes play in our lives? With analysis of Pluto, Charon, Eris, Ceres, and more, discover the mythical and astrological ways these heavenly bodies affect you and your birth chart.

Aspects, by Robin AnteparaAspects
by Robin Antepara

Aspects: Powerful Keys to Personal Transformation

Conventional astrology teaches that “soft” aspects (trines and sextiles) are desirable and “hard” aspects (squares, oppositions, and conjunctions) are difficult. Robin Antepara takes a refreshing approach to planetary relationships in the natal chart. She moves beyond viewing aspects as either challenging or harmonious and shows that every aspect is a valuable source of self-knowledge, providing insight into our strengths, talents, shadow issues, and even life purpose.

In this straightforward and lively guide, Robin Antepara tells how to utilize the energy of all your natal aspects to your best advantage by using the focus and direction they provide for maximum personal growth. In addition to the five major aspects, Antepara explores the potential of natal grand trines in each element (fire, earth, air, and water), yods and inconjuncts, and other minor aspects. The birth charts of Gandhi, Lance Armstrong, Princess Diana, Marlon Brando, Kurt Cobain, Martha Stewart, and other cultural icons provide illuminating examples of the importance of alchemizing planetary aspects to realize your life’s true potential. 

Electional Astrology, by Celeste Teal
Electional Astrology
by Joann Hampar

Astrology of the Moon, by Amy Herring
Astrology of the Moon
by Amy Herring

Solar Arcs, by Noel Tyl
Solar Arcs
by Noel Tyl

In the Stars- April 2012
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Reader's Top Picks - April 2012
1. Astrology on the Cusp
     by Sally Cragin

2. Sun Signs & Past Lives
     by Bernie Ashman

3. Astrology of the Moon
     by Amy Herring

4. Llewellyn's Complete Book of

     by Kris Brandt Riske, M.A.

5. Llewellyn's New A to Z Horoscope
     Maker & Interpreter

     by Llewellyn George

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