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by Sally Cragin

Were you, or someone you know, born on the cusp of two astrological signs? Perhaps you feel torn between identifying with some aspects of one sign, other aspects of the other sign, and feel squeezed in the middle. Finding accurate horoscope information can be difficult for those born on the cusp; here Sally Cragin, author of Astrology on the Cusp, presents a brief overview of the quirks and gifts cuspy individuals are given.

Astrology on the Cusp, by Sally CraginAstrology on the Cusp
by Sally Cragin

Is your birthday between two different signs? Discover new insights into yourself and others with this first-ever guide to cusp astrology.

We’ve all heard the term “born on the cusp”—but what does it mean, exactly? What if you were born just as the sun moves into Aries, but you feel more like a Pisces? If your birthday falls on a date when a sign changes over to another, you probably possess traits of each. Engaging and easy to use, this book goes beyond simple, cut-and-dried archetypes of sun sign astrology, yet doesn’t require any special knowledge. You’ll get a deeper understanding of your personality and motivations—and those of your partner, friends, family members, and anyone else whose birthday is on the edge of two signs.

Organized by date of birth, this astrology book lets you quickly look up your birthday so you can identify your particular strengths, gifts, and challenges. You’ll also find out about your career and upcoming opportunities, times of the year when you can expect obstacles and rewards, and which signs are your best matches for love and romance. Helping to illuminate each cusp birthday’s characteristics are examples of well-known figures such as Robert Redford and Meryl Streep.

The Astrological Elements, by Sally Cragin 
The Astrological Elements
by Sally Cragin

Tarot and Astrology, by Corrine Kenner
Tarot and Astrology
by Corrine Kenner

Sun Signs & Past Lives, by Bernie Ashman
Sun Signs & Past Lives
by Bernie Ashman

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