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How to Use Astrological Prediction to Enhance Your Quality of Life
by Celeste Teal

As we go through life, wouldn't it be helpful to know which times would be favorable, and which would be challenging or stressful? Learning to use astrology as a predictive tool is not difficult. Celeste Teal, author of the expanded and re-released Predicting Events with Astrology, details how.

December New Releases and Notable Titles
Predicting Events with AstrologyPredicting Events with Astrology
by Celeste Teal

Your Essential Guide to Predictive Astrology

In this new, expanded edition of Predicting Events with Astrology, astrologers of all ages and skill levels will find more valuable information on predictive astrology than ever before. A favorite for over a decade, this essential guide offers additional forecasting tips and breakthrough methods for life’s anticipated adventures and choosing ideal times for planned events.

With clear and engaging instruction, renowned astrologer Celeste Teal guides you through the essential elements of predictive astrology and presents simple methods to help you learn how to delineate the progressed chart. Sharpen your interpretive and forecasting skills as you combine progressions and transits. Predict the circumstances surrounding love and marriage, romance, money, success, children and parenting, health, misfortune, death, and bereavement. Learn about all vital aspects and applications of predictive astrology, including:

•Planetary Aspects
•The Vertex
•Solar and Lunar Returns
•Lunar Nodes

In addition to featuring straightforward and easy-to-learn methods, this classic reference guide brings to life today’s most powerful predictive astrology techniques through real-world scenarios, factual case histories, and illustrated event charts.

Mapping Your Money
Mapping Your Money
by Kris Brandt Riske, MA

Electional Astrology
Electional Astrology
by Joann Hampar

Cosmic Trends
Cosmic Trends
by Philip Brown

In the Stars- December 2009

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Reader's Top Picks - December 2009
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3. Mapping Your Birthchart
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4. Mapping Your Money
     by Kris Brandt Riske, MA

5. Eclipses
     by Celeste Teal

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