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How to Read a Lunar Return—Yours or Anyone’s
by Isabelle Ghaneh

Full Moon

What exactly is a lunar return? Every month, the moon returns to the exact position it held in your natal chart at your time of birth. Factor in the location of your current place of residence, and you’ve got a lunar return.

What does a lunar return tell you about yourself? It describes the emotional impact the planets—or planetary energies, if you like—will have on you for the month to come. Can it show events taking place in your life, as opposed to the emotional effects of those events? Yes, of course it can—both go together in the reading. Discover how to read a lunar return—yours or anyone's.

Lunar Nodes, by John TownleyLunar Nodes
by John Townley

Every month the Moon above comes back to where it was exactly when you were born. Called the Lunar Return, the chart cast for this instant tells the tale of the next 27 days to come. It paints your emotional landscape day by day and reveals the tides that wash over your life as the Moon drives her daily course. Once a primary tool of every professional astrologer, this invaluable technique has often been neglected because of its demanding subtlety and complexity.

In this book, long-time astrological innovator John Townley has cut to the core of how and why to use the Lunar Return, giving the student or professional astrologer the keys to the heart and the pulse of each and every month.

Title only available in the United States.

Astrology of the Moon, by Jessica Shepherd
Astrology of the Moon
by Amy Herring

Lunar Nodes, by Celeste Teal
Lunar Nodes
by Celeste Teal

Lunar Cycle Journal, by Lo Scarabeo
Lunar Cycle Journal
by Lo Scarabeo

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