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A Love Alchemist's NotebookLove Alchemy: Using Astrology for True Love in 2010
by Jessica Shepherd

Once upon a time, the ancient art of astrology was tethered to magic. Today, for mysterious reasons, what was once one has become two. This perfect pair need no longer remain divided. By using astro-magical enchantments in the service of true love, we can take our enchanting powers up a notch, and marry magic to astrology again. Jessica Shepherd, author of A Love Alchemist's Notebook, provides the year's most favorable times for casting love spells.

February Notable Titles
by Rod Suskin

A Blueprint for Compatibility

Relationships form the most fundamental aspect of our lives and reveal the innermost parts of ourselves. Synastry, a powerful tool for understanding the complex dynamics between two people, allows you to penetrate the intricate mysteries of the heart and provide invaluable insight into a couple’s future life together.

Offering a step-by-step approach that blends classic and modern methods, this book will show you how to give accurate synastry readings with sensitivity and objectivity. Based on proven techniques, Synastry provides you with a thorough and logical approach to relationship analysis:

•Instructions for easily interpreting composite charts and marriage charts
•Methods for predicting when changes in your relationship are likely to occur
•Sample worksheet outlining each step of relationship analysis
•Ethical and legal considerations when providing consultations
•Over forty chart analyses of anonymous couples and celebrities

Also included is an entire chapter with expert advice on conducting a live, professional synastry reading.

Composite Charts
Composite Charts
by John Townley

Star Guide to Weddings
Star Guide to Weddings
by April Elliott Kent

Astrology & Relationships

In the Stars- February 2010

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Reader's Top Picks - February 2010
1. The Complete Node Book
     by Kevin Burk

2. Venus
     by Anne Massey

3. Signs of Mental Illness
     by Mitchell E. Gibson, MD

4. The Art of Predictive Astrology
     by Carol Rushman

5. Aspect Patterns
     by Stephanie Clement, Ph.D.

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