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Relationships and Your Natal Lunar Phase
by Deva Green

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of an ideal partnership. Some couples thrive on friction, while others crave ease. Some like to flirt, others prefer to fight. The lunar phase at your birth, representing the relationship between the Sun (masculine) and the Moon (feminine), describes the partnership style that comes naturally to you. The rapport between the Sun and Moon in your birth chart is a dance of the lights, illuminating the personal relationship fairy tale that lives in your subconscious, a story drawn from observing your parents, reading books, and absorbing messages from television shows and movies. Understanding your natal lunar phase can help you understand why you keep having the same kind of relationships again and again—and how to make relationship choices that are truly satisfying.

Sun Signs & Soul Mates, by Linda GeorgeSun Signs & Soul Mates
by Linda George

The Heart and Soul of Relationships

Would you like to understand your spouse or partner better? Relate to your loved ones on a much deeper and more compassionate level, and ultimately discover your soul’s evolutionary path? Astrology can help you achieve all of this and more by revealing your true nature.

Sun Signs & Soul Mates will take you on a fascinating and inspiring journey through the twelve Sun signs from the perspective of the heart. Explore the lighter and darker sides of each Sun sign. Learn about the compatibility potential for each pairing, and get entertaining and insightful relationship clues for each sign, from unique strengths and challenges to personality traits and behavioral quirks. This friendly book will help you reconnect with your inner Sun to create a richer, more fulfilling life—and get you in touch with the inner life of your partner, creating a more harmonious relationship.

The Astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality, and Relationship

Star Guide to Weddings, by April Elliott Kent
Star Guide to Weddings
by April Elliott Kent

SignMates, by Bernie Ashman
by Bernie Ashman

In the Stars- February 2013
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Reader's Top Picks - February 2013
1. Llewellyn's Complete Book of Astrology
     by Kris Brandt Riske, M.A.

2. Tarot and Astrology
     by Corrine Kenner

3. Astrology for Beginners
     by Joann Hampar

4. Eclipses
     by Celeste Teal

5. Sun Signs & Past Lives
     by Bernie Ashman

Quick Links - February 2013

This Month: February 2013

Sun Signs & Past Lives, by Bernie Ashman
  Sun Signs & Past Lives
by Bernie Ashman

Insights into Karmic Astrology, Edited by Rose Marcus

Cosmic Karma, by Marguerite Manning
Cosmic Karma
by Marguerite Manning

Karmic Astrology, by Ruth Aharoni
Karmic Astrology
by Ruth Aharoni
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