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Natal Ceres Sign and Your Relationship to Food
by Michelle Perrin

Our relationship to the celestial body Ceres is as complicated and volatile as our relationship to that which it rules: food and nourishment. In astrology, Ceres represents how we approach nourishment—physically, emotionally, and psychologically. At its worst, negative manifestations of the Ceres energy may result in the manipulative use of food as a control mechanism, while in its best, most harmonious manifestation, Ceres represents food that is used as a conduit of love. In this excerpt from Llewellyn's 2014 Moon Sign Book, examine how Ceres manifests itself through the signs.

Llewellyn's 2014 Moon Sign Book, by LlewellynLlewellyn's 2014 Moon Sign Book
by Llewellyn

Since 1905, Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book has helped millions take advantage of the Moon’s dynamic energies. Use this essential life-planning tool to choose the best dates for almost anything: getting married, buying or selling your home, requesting a promotion, applying for a loan, traveling, having surgery, seeing the dentist, picking mushrooms, and much more. With lunar timing tips on planting and harvesting and a guide to companion plants, this popular guide is also a gardener’s best friend. In addition to New and Full Moon forecasts for the year, you’ll find insightful articles on growing a tea garden, cultivating roses, organic and natural food labeling, the Moon and earthquakes, outer planets in water signs, and Greek lunar folklore.

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