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Planetary Meridians: 10 Gateways to Empowered Intuition
by Bernie Ashman


Qi (or Chi) is the life force that travels through the human body along pathways known as meridians. While we can't see them, they connect to all of our major body organs. No wonder we can feel out of sync at times! Bernie Ashman, author of Intuition and Your Sun Sign, describes the benefits we receive when we work with our intuition and our meridians.

Intuition and Your Sun Sign, by Bernie AshmanIntuition and Your Sun Sign
by Bernie Ashman

Discover your full intuitive potential with this practical guide to understanding astrology, your sun sign, and psychic development. With easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll instantly tap into your intuition to overcome any blocks and find the mental clarity you seek.

Intuition and Your Sun Sign presents a unique, approachable way to develop your intuitive gifts and incorporate astrological guidance into your life—without needing any previous experience. Astrologer Bernie Ashman shows you how to improve both your intuition and your insights about other people, helping you communicate more effectively for greater harmony in your relationships. Learn to balance your strengths and weaknesses, achieve your goals, raise your self-confidence, and find personal empowerment through the incredible combination of intuition and sun sign.

Sun Signs & Past Lives, by Bernie Ashman 
Sun Signs & Past Lives
by Bernie Ashman

SignMates, by Bernie Ashman
by Bernie Ashman

Astrology for Writers, by Corrine Kenner
Astrology for Writers
by Corrine Kenner

In the Stars- June 2014
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4. Managing Your Health & Wellness
     by Diane L. Cramer, MS

5. Cosmic Karma
     by Marguerite Manning

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