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Cosmic Sense: Our Unconscious Connection to the Universe
by Marguerite Manning

Is it any wonder why the ancients proclaimed that our destiny was “written in the stars”? Evidently, our fate here on terra firma is a lot less predetermined than we’ve been led to believe, because when we view our natal sky from this perspective it’s a lot more than just a celestial reflection of our earthly destiny. It’s a universal documentation of the agreement we made to live up to it. Marguerite Manning, author of Cosmic Karma, explains.

March Notable Titles
Cosmic Karma, by Marguerite ManningCosmic Karma
by Marguerite Manning

Celestial beginnings. Earthly happiness.

Did you know that on the day you were born, you made a promise with the entire universe?  Sounds like a tall order!  Not to worry, taking care of your contract with the universe is really about taking care of yourself and bringing some balance into your corner of the earth.

From your soul’s perspective, your astrological birth chart is a snapshot of where you started from on the day you were born.  Looking back to that portrait, you can figure out where you came from—your initial purpose on this planet. 

Your Sun’s house is meant to explain your “cosmic calling”—the things you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime, while your Saturn alignment will reveal the karmic lessons you still need to learn. Remembering where the soul belongs, you can get to where you’re supposed to be.  A promise that was made for you.

Karmic Astrology, by Ruth Aharoni
Karmic Astrology
by Ruth Aharoni

Sun Signs & Past Lives, by Bernie Ashman
Sun Signs & Past Lives
by Bernie Ashman

Evolutionary Astrology, by Deva Green
Evolutionary Astrology
by Deva Green

In the Stars- March 2011
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Reader's Top Picks - March 2011
1. Sun Signs & Past Lives
     by Bernie Ashman

2. The Art of Predictive Astrology
     by Carol Rushman

3. Astrology of the Moon
     by Amy Herring

4. Karmic Astrology
     by Ruth Aharoni

5. Astrology for Beginners
     by Joann Hampar

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