The Angels of Your Sun Sign

Angels can change your life for the better; they create a positive energy in your life that brings happiness and contentment. Zodiacal angels are extra powerful; they are working on the ray of your zodiac sign and have a special significance in your life. These angels will help you reach your full potential and also will help you achieve your dearest dreams.

But how do we access this wonderful ability of the angels? Patricia Papps, author of Heal Yourself with the Angels and the new Angels of the Zodiac, explains.

March New And Notable Releases

Angels of the Zodiac

by Patricia Papps

Open yourself to the love and wisdom of the angels of your sun sign, who reveal your life’s purpose and show you how to live harmoniously each day. Angels of the Zodiac organizes the angels by the sun sign they’re associated with, allowing you to easily determine which ones to connect with throughout the year. Tuning in to zodiac angels when their sign is strongest makes them more powerful, and they can use that boost to send miracles into your life. You can even connect to angels outside your sun sign at strategic times to benefit from their different energies. This book provides a meditation for connecting with each angel, guiding you through the process and the benefits that accompany it. With angels by your side, you’ll achieve greater love, inspiration, and fulfillment.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Writing & Creativity Journal

by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Plant the seeds of your future creations with this deluxe paperback journal. With premium quality, cream-colored, wood-free paper and a combination of lined and unlined pages, this journal is designed to be a sacred space for all facets of your self-expression. 44 full-page color art reproductions by a popular artist are interspersed throughout the journal for additional inspiration. Deluxe paperback journal measure 7 x 9¼ with 220 pages.

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